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The #1 Secret to Getting Men to Work on Themselves in Relationships

getting men to work on themselves

Discover the best methods for getting men to work on themselves in relationships in this interview with relationship coach, Ken Bechtel. 

What’s the best strategy for getting men to work on themselves in relationships? My radio guest, Ken Bechtel, has the answers. He is the host of the Speaking of Partnership podcast. For over 15 years he has shared his insights and amusement as a speaker and educator to help women and men understand and appreciate each other so they can develop deep connections and healthy, life-long relationships!

I loved interviewing Ken on Last First Date Radio on How to Get Men to Do Their Part in Relationships. Loosely transcribed highlights of our interview can be found below.

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10 Tips to Help You Find Lasting Love

lasting loveWhat’s the key to finding lasting love? Will you recognize true love when you find it?

Are you willing to take a leap of faith in the name of lasting love? What is the key to pure, genuine love and emotional intimacy? The secret to building a strong romantic relationship is a blend of feelings and emotions; attraction, respect, adoration, trust, and more. That’s because lasting love is an art AND a science. 

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7 Awesome Ways For You to Meet Men Offline

meet men offlineIf you don’t go online to meet men, where do you go? Here are 7 ways to meet men offline!

I recently taught a master class to my Inner Circle about how to meet men offline. I opened up the call, which is part of a paid monthly program, at no cost to my entire list. One of my followers, Catherine Ross, 62-years-old, wrote to tell me that while she appreciated the offer to join the call, she has no trouble meeting men offline. I asked, “What’s your secret to attracting men offline? I’d love to hear. Sounds like you’ve got that secret sauce, feminine grace?”

Her answer was chock full of wonderful ideas, so I asked if I could share them with you. With her permission, here are Catherine’s fantastic tips for meeting men offline. I’ve edited them slightly to make it easier to find the tips, but otherwise, this is Catherine in her full goddess man-magnet glory. 

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How a Sabbatical Can Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship

sabbaticalKaran Bajaj’s one year sabbatical from his corporate job put the spark back into his relationship. Here’s how…

Karan Bajaj is a #1 bestselling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies of his novels in print, both optioned into major films. Karan’s first worldwide novel, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, will be be published by Random House on May 3rd. The book, called “The Siddhartha of our Generation” by The Daily Telegraph was inspired by Karan’s one year sabbatical traveling from Europe to India by road and learning yoga and meditation in the Himalayas.

You can get his free meditation video course on and read more about The Yoga of Max’s Discontent on

I interviewed Karan on Last First Date Radio to learn about how his sabbatical with his then-girlfriend, was the best thing for their relationship. Highlights of the show below.

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8 Notable Differences Between Lust and Love

lust and loveThere’s more to love than meets the eye. These guidelines will help you distinguish between lust and love.

Do you know the difference between love and lust? Because if you don’t, it’s time for you to find out that they’re not the same thing. In the early stages of a romantic relationship many people confuse these two; and that’s quite normal. As human beings, we get attached to each other pretty easily. We want to feel blissful, joyful, full of life and happy all the time. But there’s more to love than meets the eye. Here are guidelines to help you distinguish love from lust.

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Top 15 Life Lessons I Learned at 60

life lessonsI learned important life lessons in the first six decades of life. For my 60th birthday, I’m sharing them with you.

My birthday was April 14th. I received so many beautiful birthday wishes; over 200 posts on my Facebook timeline, private messages, and birthday cards of the handcrafted variety and store bought ones with beautiful messages.

I received loving birthday phone calls from people I know and love; people I’ve met in real life, and virtual friends I’ve never met in person with whom I’ve developed a very close relationship.

I woke up to a festively decorated house with birthday signs and streamers hung the night before by my son. We had carrot muffins with cream cheese icing for breakfast. My book club celebrated my birthday with a banner and cupcakes. Yum! (See life lesson #14).

My oldest daughter brought me the best gift of all, my almost two-year-old delicious granddaughter. She came up with a new name for me, Babaloonie. I love it. My daughter also brought home-baked cookies with an S stamped on top. Delicious. We went to the mall, where I got ten dollars worth of free Godiva chocolate as a birthday gift. (Life lesson #14 again!)

This was a big birthday. Ten years ago, when I turned 50, 60 seemed old. I would not date a man who was *gulp* 60. Those guys felt ancient to me!

But today, at 60, I don’t feel old at all. I’m told I don’t look old. I’m grateful to my parents for my good skin, AND being 60 is about so much more than how I look.

Last night, a few close friends took me out for sushi, and it was the best celebration. I asked each friend to share her biggest life lesson learned in the past decade. I loved what they said. I have such smart, funny, giving, amazing friends (Life lesson #1).

I shared some of the life lessons I’ve learned in the past six decades of life, and I’d like to share them now with you.

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A Twice Divorced Wedding Planner Dishes About Love and Marriage

love and marriageTonia Adleta shares what she learned about love and marriage as a twice divorced wedding planner. 

Tonia Adleta is the Owner/Creative Director of Aribella Events, an award-winning wedding planning and custom floral design studio with roots in the Philadelphia area. Highly sought after and well-loved by her clients, she strives to make a difference by creating moments worthy of celebration. As a creative, a mother, a traveler, and a coffee junkie (seriously, the dog’s name is Macchiato!), she believes in the power of connection and pursues beauty – and finds it – everywhere.

I interviewed Tonia on Last First Date Radio about love and marriage lessons learned from the twice divorced wedding planner.

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