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If you’re a single woman over 40, follow the blog to learn how to attract quality men, sustain a healthy relationship, break up with dignity, understand and communicate with men 40 +, and much more…

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Tips to Help You Find Lasting Love

lasting loveCheck out this cool infographic and learn my 10 tips to help you find lasting love!

You’re tired of first dates with boring men, men who are needy, who blame their ex for their miserable lives. You want to find lasting love, but you’re not sure how to make that happen. Reggie Barnett of took my article, 10 Tips to Help You Find Lasting Love, and turned it into an awesome infographic. Which is your favorite tip?

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How to Become a Radiant Woman

radiant woman

Suzanne Raja is the embodiment of a radiant woman. Learn how you can become a woman who radiates warmth and love no matter what.

My radio guest, Suzanne Raja, is the embodiment of true feminine radiance and deep feminine power. Simply being in Suzanne’s presence brings men into their depth and women into their natural glow. Suzanne does not just practice what she teaches, she embodies it.

To know Suzanne is to glimpse what’s possible for your own life. She delivers teachings with exceptional intuitive perception and clarity. Suzanne demonstrates that true power is subtle, that it is possible for all of our lessons to come encased in Love. As our world heads into a new era, it is teachers like Suzanne who will lead the way.

I interviewed Suzanne about how to embody that peak feminine radiance on Last First Date Radio. Highlights of the show below.

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How to Recognize Red Flags Early on in Dating

red flagsLearn to recognize the red flags of control early on in dating so you can make healthy choices in romantic partners.

How’s your dating radar? Do you know how to recognize red flags early on in a relationship? In this replay of a blab with Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, we discussed what to do about those red flags that show up.

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Break Through to the Relationship of Your Dreams

relationship of your dreams

It’s important to bust myths about love if you want to break through to the relationship of your dreams. Here’s how…

Want to finally have the relationship of your dreams? Stop believing all the myths about love, like ‘Happily Ever After’. My radio guests, Linda Bloom, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom, MSW, regularly teach at Esalen Institute and the Kripalu Center. They have served as adjunct faculty at institutes of higher learning including UC Berkeley Extension, and California Institute for Integral Studies. They live in Santa Cruz, CA. Their website is

I spoke to Linda and Charlie Bloom about the top 40 myths about love, and why it’s important to bust them if you want to break through to the relationship of your dreams. Highlights of the episode below.

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Client Success: It All Starts With Self-Love…

self love


Thank you to my client, Maureen, for allowing others to read about her amazing self-love transformation through my “Love Life Makeover” program. 

Maureen’s story

I divorced after a thirty-three year marriage and was ecstatic I could now be “me” again and was free to go in the direction of my heart. Within a year and a half, I had begun online dating, and eventually met a man I was sure was a good match for me. I found, however, that I would need to leave the relationship about every six weeks. I began having serious doubts about myself and since I had never been one to leave a commitment, I really didn’t understand my own behavior. Why was I running away from what seemed like a great relationship?

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That One Person Who Inspired Me to Become Who I Am Today

inspiredMy son Avi inspired me to become the woman I am today. Here’s why…

I used to be petrified of public speaking. Over the past three years, I’ve been challenging myself to overcome my fear by speaking as often as possible. I belong to Toastmasters, where I get to speak on a regular basis. I have even delivered a TEDx talk…and I’m not as nervous to speak anymore.

One of my most recent speaking challenges was a really fun venue called Unlocked Stamford. This is a community storytelling series based here in Stamford, Connecticut. Four times a year, a group of local residents speaks on a central theme. Together, we celebrate our city and unlock Stamford’s potential by sharing stories, spreading ideas, and building meaningful connections.

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Dating 101: Heed These 4 Tips to Impress Your Date

impress your dateWant to impress your date? You might want to start with cleaning up your car!

What does your car say about you when you’re dating? The best qualities of your ride can speak volumes, but certainly not as loud as the worst qualities of your vehicle.

Luxury auto experts and neophytes alike understand the cache and value of a BMW or Mercedes hood emblem, but it’s not like you need to buy (or rent) a Ferrari to make a good first impression.

So, when putting your best foot forward for the next date, focus more on these not-to-dos rather than the to-dos.

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