• Susan Stengel

    I find that talking about professional interests can be stimulating for both men and women, especially if they feel proud of their accomplishments.

  • http://MarriageSuccess.com/ Standubin

    Hi Sandy. I saw your comment over at Passion101.com about the “divorce expo” and came over to visit. You have a wonderful site here! I love the way it’s laid out and your home page gets right to it!

    On this post on 20 Great Questions to Ask on a First Date: did you mean to ask all of these questions on the first date?

  • http://www.lastfirstdate.com Sandy Weiner

    Thanks for your kind words about my website!

    As for the 20 questions, they are prompts to get a conversation going, not meant to be used all at once to interview your date!

    I would suggest pulling one or two juicy ones that appeal to you while on a first date.

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