• http://www.fullmoonpathblog.com Kathy

    I’m with you Sandy – I hooked up, after my divorce, with someone I dated for a short while in high school. He initiated the contact. The talks on the phone were fun, but in person something was lacking. I’m glad I took my time with it because his real character came out when I told him I didn’t feel any chemistry. Anger was below the surface. He had told me that I’d broken his heart in high school. Guess he never really let it go. This was just a re-enactment to him. I’ve changed so much since then and I’m sure your other readers have too. So, as many stories of rekindled love as there may be out there, I’ll bet there are even more of fires that could not be re-lit.

  • http://lastfirstdate.com Sandy Weiner

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Kathy. Similar to you, it was hard for me to feel chemistry when there was no relationship in the present. I agree, so much changes between then and now, how can one expect to immediately ignite the relationship? When I told my ex that I would love to get to know him better over time and then revisit the possibility of a relationship, he kinda dropped out of sight. I think our stories are far more common than the few who really do make it as a couple decades later. It certainly makes for good fantasy, though!

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