• http://LeannMaxwellBurr.com Leann

    Oh Sandy….I COMPLETELY Agree!!! These are ALL good points! Sometimes I think we forget…that although we like to “be a couple”…we are still INDEPENDENT of one another…and you have to hold both positions in a healthy way!! :) Great post!!

  • http://lastfirstdate.com Sandy Weiner

    Thanks, Leann! Your comment means a lot to me. Especially since you are happily married again. You seem to know the ‘secret’ to making it work. You give hope to people looking for love the second time around!

  • http://www.leannmaxwellburr.com Leann

    The Secret…is remembering that we are ALL HUMAN. We are all on a journey of learning, and if we love unconditionally from the heart…we are guided. Neither my husband nor I are by ANY means PERFECT…LOL In fact, FAR from it! But we are respectful of each other’s learning processes. AND…no matter what happens in our relationship…we do NOT take it personally. That can sometimes be hard… and let me add…there are NO lessons we have not learned together. ;) Now to quote my teens…”nuf said!” LOL Wishing everyone who reads this much love and laughter in life’s learnings…. XO

  • http://lastfirstdate.com Sandy Weiner

    Leann, you express the truth about some real relationship success secrets – not taking things personally, accepting imperfection in each other, and growing together. I hope my audience takes these important lessons into account. There is no fairy tale relationship. Love is grand, but it takes a load of hard work to make it thrive. xoxox

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  • Pegga604

    well said!

  • Unknown<3

    Good! I need some help! At least I know I shouldn’t drag my bestfriend/crush to car shows and museums.

  • Kristien

    I love 1-5 the most. I made some mistakes when i was younger, but then i was very immature still. I believe to have patience is also a very important one too. You can’t force someone to like you, and guys need their space. If you rush things through he is most likely to loose interest and move on.

  • Chelsie Lankford

    I need to win my ex back! Thanks this should help.

  • Morebetterness

    Hmmmm….some interesting advice.
    Staying in shape keeps a guy loyal to you? Uh, no, not a guarantee. Just ask all of the gorgeous women with tight bodies who were left by and cheated on by their boyfriends and spouses. (Sandra Bullock, Elin Nordegren, Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, Christie Brinkley, etc etc to name just a few famous beauties)
    How about staying interested in growing and learning and being an interesting, kind and loving person,with goals and a love for life? The guy who wrote this is a shallow selfish ass.