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Learn more about Last First Date’s founder, Sandy Weiner in this interview.

You might want to start by watching her TEDx talk about dating after divorce.

Why did you become a dating coach?


Sandy WeinerWhen my 23-year marriage ended, I viewed divorce as an opportunity for renewal and transformation. I wanted to help women who, like myself, had not felt fully alive, seen and heard at work and/or in their relationships. I wanted to help them face their fears and rise up to their highest potential.

I was drawn to a career in life coaching because it is practical, goal oriented, and it works quickly. When I began dating, I realized that my coaching skills made me much better at relating to men. My sharp artist’s intuition (which I now turned way up instead of off), increased self-confidence, and deep clarity of values were useful tools in the dating arena. My communications training helped me speak up when my feelings were hurt, and men loved that I could express my needs. I had clear standards for intimacy. The best part? I was having fun and meeting great guys!

My divorced friends began coming to me for help. I improved their online dating profiles, helped them write emails that got opened and responded to, and helped them speak their truth with every guy. When a friend called me the Man Whisperer for my ability to help her understand men, I knew I had found my calling!

I am proud to be the resident weekly dating expert at Better After 50, and contribute regularly to many publications including the Huffington Post, Divorced MomsYour Tango, and Digital Romance.

I’m confident that when you truly know your worth, understand how to connect with men, and learn effective dating skills, you can get from your first date to finding the man of your dreams.

“Sandy, this is your calling. I felt like you really captured me in my online dating profile essay. I had tears streaming down my face as I read the essays that you wrote. I want to date me!

In only a few months, that essay helped me attract the love of my life! Thank you so much for helping me find love after my divorce!”

JP – Norwalk, CT

Where did you receive your training?


I received my coaching certifications from the prestigious The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaches Federation, the umbrella organization for life coaches.

I’ve also spent many years training in communication skills, studying the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and the work of Susan Scott, founder of Fierce, Inc. and author of Fierce Conversations.  I love helping clients courageously advocate for their needs in a relationship, a crucial part of what’s missing in most failed relationships.

Another area of study has been in the area of better understanding men. In that regard, I have studied the work of Alison Armstrong, LiYana Silver, and Rori Raye.

Who DO you work with?


I work with self-aware, smart women 40 + who have achieved success in most areas of life, but are unsuccessful with men. Many have previously given up important bits of themselves in their relationships. They are willing to do whatever it takes – no matter their age or past relationship history – to attract and sustain a healthy relationship with a wonderful man.

“Sandy helped me navigate through what might have been an overwhelming labyrinth at She constructed a profile essay that was exactly how I wanted to present myself. During our private sessions, Sandy reviewed my online dating emails, and most importantly, reminded me to stand in my feminine power! Sandy is a naturally gifted dating coach. Quite frankly, without her guidance, I would have still been thinking about going on Now, I’m flirting and feeling my feminine self with my new honey. Thank you Sandy!

Irma Jennings, Holistic Bone Coach

Who DON’T you work with?


I don’t work with women who want a quick fix or want to place the blame on men for all the problems they’ve had in previous relationships. I don’t work with women who think that their relationship problems will be solved by just figuring out where the good men hang out. You have to be willing to take an honest look at yourself and be open to changing the patterns that are holding you back. I am a loving guide, and I’ll work with women who are willing to be open to trying the most effective ways to find and attract a lasting loving relationship after 40.


What RESULTS can I expect from coaching with you?


Coaching works quickly. Many have an ‘aha’ moment from our very first phone call. To experience lasting change, scientific studies have shown that it takes about three months. Ultimately, the more devoted you are, the more you’ll get out of coaching.

Whether you’re just beginning to date after a divorce or loss of a spouse, have never been married, or are currently in a relationship, I can help.

Attracting the right man begins with falling madly in love with yourself. So, if  your self-esteem needs a boost, I’m the coach for you. I’ll give you the tools to help you let go of the inner-voices that sabotage and hold you back. If you’re holding on to your ex, I’ll help you fully let go, which includes any residual resentment and anger. Forgiveness is for your own wellbeing.

And I’ll work with you on being brutally honest (and compassionate) with yourself about the things you might have done that have contributed to your past unsuccessful relationships. You’d be surprised at some of the hidden culprits.

Is your picker broken?

I have exercises that will help you get crystal clear about your Mr. Right so you can attract him into your life. Dump your old list and learn how to quickly identify the right guy for you. You’ll also learn how to give the right men a second chance and stop dating emotionally unavailable/abusive men for good!

Does the idea of flirting at this age make you cringe?

Some women over 40 feel awkward about flirting. If that sounds like you, I’ll help you access your most authentic inner flirt. I used to think flirting was all about giving off sexual vibes, and it felt fake and forced. I now ‘flirt’ with everyone – from the cashier to a guy in an elevator- and I feel totally natural. I can help you feel totally at ease with flirting, too.

Does online dating overwhelm you or turn you off?

If you’ve tried online dating without success or have been reluctant to get started, I can help. Through my online dating programs, I’ll help you find love online.

I’ll craft an online dating profile that showcases your personality, captivates the right men, and maximizes the number of contacts you get from quality men.

My online dating services include:

  • A complete profile essay about you and the man you’re seeking
  • A user name that gets his attention
  • Advice on photo selection to ensure your visual appeal
  • Email tips for contacting men to get more responses
  • Coaching on the online dating process so you know how to successfully get from first email to phone call to first date to a relationship

Your online dating profile will help you become a man-magnet, attracting more interest than you ever imagined.

You will learn to connect deeply, drop your guard, build trust slowly and on your terms, get clear on your sexual and emotional standards, and communicate your needs with grace. That is when true love happens between you and a quality match.

“If your dating strategy is not working for you, I highly recommend Sandy Weiner. Her insights helped me be more open, clarify and expand my expectations, cast a wider net, and learn how to write and respond to men with feeling vs. just words. This is professional guidance from someone who understands the challenges of our current dating environment. Sandy provided a series of practical tools and constructive conversations to better appreciate my self-image and the messages I broadcast to men. She tweaked and tailored to help me attract the highest quality men. Clever and compassionate, I find myself quoting Sandy frequently. One of my favorites is, “Avoid dating backwards. Be soft on the outside and strong on the inside.” The pool of gentlemen responding to me and asking for a first date has increased and improved dramatically. Sandy, I promise to invite you to my wedding!

- JCJ – Stamford, CT


Okay, I’m excited to work with you! How do I get started?


Please click the link below to schedule your complimentary get acquainted call so we can discuss your dating challenges and how I can help you.

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To your success in love and life!


Sandy Weiner


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