How to Finally Be Free From Emotional Baggage and Have a Healthy Relationship!

emotional baggage

Learn how to free yourself from emotional baggage in order to have the healthy relationship you yearn for. It’s never too late to have the love you deserve! 

Psychologist and author, Dr. Audrey Sherman, is an expert at working with clients who want to be free from emotional baggage that’s keeping them from living happier, more fulfilling lives. She believes that happiness and hope really can be learned.

For almost two decades, Dr. Sherman has taught thousands of clients how to change their thinking and habits. By using her program, Dysfunction Interrupted, people can better control their lives, build healthier relationships and “Feel Good For Life!”

She is the author of Dysfunction Interrupted–How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now.

Dr. Sherman joined me on Last First Date Radio to discuss, New Relationship, Same Old Baggage? Lose It For Good This Time. You can find highlights of this very informative show below.

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Donald Trump is President. Now What?

donald trump

Donald Trump is President of the United States. I am numb. I am frightened. Here’s what I suggest we do at this difficult time…

I never write about politics. I don’t even like to talk about politics, especially when things get heated and polarized. It goes against my values to spew hateful venom about anyone. I’ve even lost a friendship because I refused to get into an argument against Obama. But this election changed everything. I started to pay closer attention to both candidates, what they said, what they’ve done in the past, crimes committed, lies, and corruption. And I made a conscious choice for who I wanted to run this country. I am proud to say that I voted for Hillary. I had faith in her leadership. And whether you voted for Trump or Clinton, you exercised your right as a citizen of this country to choose who you thought would best serve the USA.

And now, it’s the morning after the election, and Donald Trump is President of the United States. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with sadness, anger, and fear. I am numb. I am frightened of living in a country with this man as leader. He has exposed himself as a racist, misogynist, white supremacist, hateful intolerant man. Now what?

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How to Deal With Anger in Relationships

deal with anger

Reneau Peurifoy, author of Anger: Taming the Beast, discussed how to deal with anger in relationships in this episode of Last First Date Radio.

How do you deal with anger, especially if you’re in a relationship? My radio guest, Reneau Peurifoy, answered that question and more in episode #223, Anger in Relationships: How to Tame the Beast. Reneau holds a master’s degree in counseling and is the author Anger: Taming the Beast, 2nd Ed. His first book, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic, has gone through three revisions and sold over 200,000 copies.

After twenty years in private practice as a marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety disorders, he retired to teach at a local College in Sacramento, California. After fifteen years of teaching he is now and spending his time writing, speaking, and seeing people with anxiety-related problems as a pastoral counselor and sharing videos on practical life skills on his YouTube channel.

Check out the highlights of our radio interview below.

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Are You Marriage Material? Take the Test!

marriage material

Are you marriage material? Take Dr. Matthew Anderson’s test BEFORE you commit to marriage.

Dr. Matthew Anderson has been called “a romance miracle worker” and “a revival love artist”. His four decades as an author, inspirational speaker, and relationship coach give him an unusual depth of insight and compassion for what couples really need in order to revive (and resurrect) their passion and deep connection.

Singles rave about his ability to get right to the heart of what they need to do to find Mr. or Miss Right, and couples frequently say that Dr. Matthew saved their marriage and showed them the path to new heights of love and partnership.

I loved our interview on Last First Date Radio, Are You Marriage Material? Take the Test!

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How to Spot a Psychopath Before You Become a Victim


A psychopath doesn’t just show up on Dateline. He could be on an online dating site, looking for his next victim. Don’t let that be you!

Author, Dianne Emerson, has become a bit of a psychopath expert. She created the first online support forum for victims of psychopaths over 18 years ago. She discovered many things from the victim’s perspective over the years and wanted to learn more about how psychopaths operate. 

After interviewing psychopaths through a comprehensive survey, she learned that they seek out a specific type, and people can be victimized several times over their lifetime. She wrote, Psychopaths in Our Lives: My Interviewsto inform the public about how they get trapped in relationships with psychopaths and  how to spot them before it goes too far. 

She joined me on Last First Date Radio and shared excellent tips on how to spot a psychopath before you become a victim. Highlights of the show below.

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How to Fight Fair: 3 Proven Strategies to End an Argument

You don’t have to be afraid of conflict if you know how to fight fair. Learn how here…

Dr. Laura Louis has over 10 years of experience in helping distant couples heal after infidelity by building trust, cultivating intimacy, and enhancing communication. Her therapeutic approach has been influenced through worldwide training in Brazil, Mexico, London, and Haiti.

She has conducted hundreds of seminars transforming relationships all over the world . She is affectionately called the Marriage Architect. Her book, Marital Peace, is a valuable resource intended to support couples through the challenges of marriage.

Highlights below on our radio interview on how to fight fair, 3 strategies to end an argument.

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