How to Overcome Dating Fears

overcome dating fears

In this video, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and I reveal our top tips on how to overcome dating fears.

Are you dating after divorce or loss of a spouse? Did you recently end a long-term relationship, and you’re wondering how to get back out there and date again? Dating can be frightening, especially after a long-term relationship ends. In this video, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and I reveal our top tips on how to overcome dating fears as you get back out there and date again. 

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Dating 101: Heed These 4 Tips to Impress Your Date

impress your dateWant to impress your date? You might want to start with cleaning up your car!

What does your car say about you when you’re dating? The best qualities of your ride can speak volumes, but certainly not as loud as the worst qualities of your vehicle.

Luxury auto experts and neophytes alike understand the cache and value of a BMW or Mercedes hood emblem, but it’s not like you need to buy (or rent) a Ferrari to make a good first impression.

So, when putting your best foot forward for the next date, focus more on these not-to-dos rather than the to-dos.

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First Date Success Tips So You Can Ace Every Date!

first date success

Learn some powerful first date success tips so you can ace every date, no matter what!

In this Blab (video live stream), my friend and colleague, Bobbi Palmer, founder of Date Like a Grownup, and I share super powerful tips for first date success. Did you know you can enjoy every date, no matter how much shorter he is than you though he’d be, or how much he wants to talk about his ex. Learn how to redirect conversations, and see every date as an opportunity, not a drudgery! Follow these tips, and if you really like the guy, he will ask you out again. 

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How to Manage Your Expectations in Dating (and Life)

manage your expectations

Whether you’re overly excited for a first date or a new job, it’s important to manage your expectations. Here’s how…

Unrealistic expectations can wreak havoc on your emotional health. Make no assumptions. Get as much information as you can to make an informed decision. Balance your heart and your head. Spend less time in dreamland, more with both feet planted on the ground. And please, go in with your eyes wide open, and you’ll have the best outcome.

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A Positive Mindset is Key to Dating Success

positive mindsetThe #1 key to finding love is a positive mindset.

For many people, dating can be very daunting and the prospect of rejection makes them choose the safest path, which is never leaving the sofa and going out into the dating world. That way, you can’t get hurt or embarrassed, right?

Well, perhaps nothing bad will happen, but it’s going to be pretty hard to experience a loving relationship unless you’re prepared to go on a few dates. Adopting a positive mindset with dating will not only boost your confidence about finding the right person, but by being confident and outgoing in your dating attitude, your attractiveness will shine through and make you even more of a catch.

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Avoid Being Catfished in Online Dating

catfished in online dating

Have you ever been catfished in online dating? Here are 3 tips to help protect you and keep you safe online.


Online dating is a wonderful method of courtship, to help you foster a romantic relationship. Online dating sites should be used as a tool that helps build an authentic, in-person relationship. Many people have become emotionally involved with online strangers and eventually find the people they’ve corresponded with aren’t who they said they were. MTV has even created a show, “Catfish” on the subject of the elaborate lies that strangers tell online. The show is named after the deceitful act of catfishing in online dating, where people create fake, online personalities. Here are three ways you can protect yourself from catfishing in online dating.


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