The #1 Secret to Getting Men to Work on Themselves in Relationships

getting men to work on themselves

Discover the best methods for getting men to work on themselves in relationships in this interview with relationship coach, Ken Bechtel. 

What’s the best strategy for getting men to work on themselves in relationships? My radio guest, Ken Bechtel, has the answers. He is the host of the Speaking of Partnership podcast. For over 15 years he has shared his insights and amusement as a speaker and educator to help women and men understand and appreciate each other so they can develop deep connections and healthy, life-long relationships!

I loved interviewing Ken on Last First Date Radio on How to Get Men to Do Their Part in Relationships. Loosely transcribed highlights of our interview can be found below.

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The #1 Key to Being Heard and Understood by Men

understood by men


I love talking about how men and women can improve their communication, and that’s why I hosted a ‘Blab’ show about the #1 key to being heard and understood by men. My co-host, Ken Bechtel, is an expert in the field of relationships and effective communication. He studied with Alison Armstrong, renowned expert on understanding men, so he knows his stuff!

Following are highlights of what we covered:

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationships

improve your relationships

Improve yourself to improve your relationships. Here are 3 easy ways.

The concept of self-actualization gained public prominence after Abraham Maslow named it as the final level of psychological development in his hierarchy of needs. But the act of self-discovery has been going on long before the American psychologist gave it any hype.

Throughout time, philosophers, artists, writers and the like have sought to better understand the world by better understanding themselves. And the practice still goes on today. Popular stories like “Eat, Pray, Love,” the 2006 memoir of a woman who travels the world to find herself after a devastating divorce, inspires audiences to do the same.

If you’re in a crisis that involves you wondering who the heck you are and what the heck you want to do with the rest of your life, here are 3 tips to improve yourself and improve your relationships.

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7 Ways to Become a Girlfriend Who’s Into Sports

girlfriend who's into sports

Learning to become a girlfriend who’s into sports can help your relationship. Here’s how…

Unless you’re already a fan, developing an appreciation for sports may seem as fun as visiting the dentist. But if you are currently dating or want to date a sports fan, consider that two of the most important factors in long-lasting romantic relationships are enjoying new activities and spending time together.

If you give it a chance, learning to enjoy sports can become a fun way to spend time with the man in your life, and it may even help you stay together. Here are a few ways to upgrade your game:

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Are Designer Relationships Right for You?

designer relationships

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, co-authors of Designer Relationships, are a devoted married couple. They have been creative collaborators since 1999, and their critically acclaimed titles have garnered numerous awards. Michaels and Johnson are the authors of Partners in Passion, Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality. They are also the creators of the meditation CD set Ananda Nidra: Blissful Sleep.

I interviewed them for a Last First Date Radio segment on Designer Relationships. You can find highlights of the interview questions and answers below.

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Masculine and Feminine Dynamics in Intimate Relationships

masculine and feminine dynamics

Masculine and feminine dynamics and how they play out in intimate relationships.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryan Reeves on Last First Date Radio. He’s a former US Air Force Captain turned Author/Coach/Speaker. Bryan has triumphed through multiple dark nights of the soul after hurling himself into the transformational fires of intimate relationship over and over again. With a Masters Degree in Human Relations and massive insight gleaned through countless adventures, Bryan coaches men, women and couples in creating thriving lives and relationships. He is a regular blog contributor to Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction Magazine and more. His book “The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet” is on Amazon. 

Bryan and I discussed one of my favorite topics, the essentials of masculine and feminine dynamics in intimate relationships. Have men become more like women and women more like men? Find out in this interview. Show notes below.

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