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As I went back and forth about whether to date my best friend, I grew more and more frustrated. Sandy made me feel comfortable, and helped me express and clarify the many different thoughts I had been having. She helped me look at my options in a clear way, and I was able to make a decision with her help. I am happy to announce that my best friend and I got married last June. Thank you to Sandy for giving me the perfect amount of guidance I needed and for empowering me to make what turned out to be the best decision of my life.
- Jessica N
Stamford, Connecticut

As a recently divorced mother of three, the idea of plunging back into the dating scene seemed insurmountable. Sandy convinced me to try online dating, and then proceeded to walk me through the process. She helped me choose a dating site, set up my profile, and worked with me on my profile essays. I could not have come this far (or had any dates) without her intervention. Sandy listens, understands me, and is truly empathetic. It takes time to find the right man, and I’ve got Sandy to help me persevere.
- Shani S

I highly recommend Sandy Weiner. Her insights helped me be more open, clarify and expand my expectations, cast a wider net, and learn how to write and respond with feeling versus just words. This is professional guidance from someone who understands the challenges of our current dating environment. Sandy provides a series of practical tools and constructive conversations to better appreciate our self-image and the messages we send. She tweeks and tailors to attract who we want in our lives. Clever and compassionate, I find myself quoting Sandy frequently. One of my favorites is, “Avoid dating backwards. Be soft on the outside and strong on the inside.” The pool of gentlemen responding to me and asking for a first date has increased and improved dramatically. Sandy, I promise to invite you to my wedding!

Sandy has stunning insight into people and their processes. She connects the dots in ways that are creative and brilliant. I highly recommend her as a coach.
- Becky P.
New Jersey

I’m celebrating how much more aware I am of my perspectives on dating, and my ability to adapt a more positive approach. I’m feeling more confident in thinking that my thoughts are valuable/important. This ability to instantly “check” myself about the perspective through which I see things was a direct result of our work, and I’m very thankful for that. This is a skill I want to continue using for the rest of my days. I think it will permeate into all other parts of my life, not just dating/self-perception. I felt that you really cared about me and wanted me to reach my goals. All in all, you were a great cheerleader and coach.
- Stephanie
New York City, NY

3ec5629There is no one I would recommend more highly than Sandy Weiner as a dating and relationship coach. Sandy clearly has spent much of her life storing up her vast amount of wisdom so she has enough to go around for everyone. She has a tremendous amount of integrity in her work and in the way she lives her life. Sandy is so passionate about guiding people to living their lives with integrity, authenticity and passion. She is highly ethical, she is deeply compassionate, and she is 100% present when working with you!
- Lauren Gale
Teen Coach, New York City, NY

Thank you for our first coaching session! I learned a lot about myself and felt affirmed by your acknowledgement and powerful listening. Your encouragement to keep doing online dating helped and also your suggestion to continue to let go of my past relationship. I now know that if I don’t let go, I’ll never move on to finding a much better match. I also listened to your advice and hired a photographer for my online profile. Talking to you made me realize that if I truly want to find a life partner now, I have the resources available. A sincere thank you.
- Maryann M
Life Coach & Professional Organizer, California

We are all longing for inspiration from time to time and this vision board for love workshop was just what I needed. To think and vision what you actually yearn for and want was very liberating. Thank you for your wisdom.
- Jill Bebey

I came to Sandy devastated and heartbroken after a messy divorce and a failed 18-month relationship with someone I thought I would marry. There were tons of red flags I had refused to pay attention to, and I was heartbroken when it ended. Through Sandy’s coaching and Naked Truth Dating seminar, I learned that the missing factor in both of those equations was ME. I had lost myself. Through Sandy’s advice to “date myself first” I won back the self-love, dignity and self-respect I had abandoned so long ago. I was able to clearly articulate what was important to seek in my mate and not settle for anything less. I also learned to trust my intuition. My turning point came when I was able to tell from early on the telltale signs of a dysfunctional relationship. I let that man go with dignity. I saved myself from heartache. I was never able to do this for myself before being coached by Sandy! While the world of dating feels like a “Savage Garden” at times – I have faith that my soul mate is out there waiting for me somewhere. The more attractive I become to myself, the more likely I know my chances are for attracting Mr. Right. Sandy, you changed my life!!
- Debbie D.
Stamford, CT

I got great feedback from your lectures & workshop. Also – I noticed a tremendous improvement in the relationship between the husband & wife after they worked with you at your workshop. If you have improved one life – you have succeeded!
- Debbie Birch
New Age Health Spa

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  • You are a marvel because:
    • - You take notes of and marvel at each miracle moment
    • - You mother with deep love and desire for what is best for your unique children
    • - You create from a pure and wondrous place
    • - You are thoughtful and graceful in the way you bring your offerings to others in the world
    • - You have a regular practice of reflecting on the pieces of your life and how they fit with who you are and who you are becoming
    • - You take note of your impact and walk with humility

    - Bette Hoffman MS, CPCC
    YOLO…You Only Live Once

  • Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 3.50.16 PMSandy has been a positive, gentle and knowledgeable guide through the murky waters of post-divorce dating. She helps me to laugh, and when necessary, lift my chin back up and not take any of it too seriously. I highly recommend Sandy for her tenderness and compassion along with her positive modeling of the process.
    - Jane Pollak
    Certified coach, author, speaker and lifestyle entrepreneur at

    Sandy takes a creative, clear-eyed approach to her career as a Dating Coach utilizing elements from her background in art and teaching. She encourages her clients to unlock their hidden potential with fun exercises, giving them the tools to become more light-hearted, aware and able to seek a suitable life partner. Sandy has the ability turn “it’s complicated” into “in a relationship” via excellent guidance.
    - Malerie Yolen-Cohen
    Freelance Magazine/Newspaper journalist, travel writer

    Sandy, this is your calling. I felt like you really captured me. I had tears streaming down my face as I read the essays that you wrote. I want to date me!
    - ‘Compowalker’
    Norwalk, CT

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