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Want to write for Last First Date?

We accept bylined articles (with a link going to your website) to be published on our blog.

Why Write for Us?

  • We have a regular audience of over 17,000 women.
  • We’ll link to your site giving you traffic and an SEO boost.
  • You can become an instant expert and grow your brand and following with us.

Who Can Write for Us?

The people who can write for us are dating and relationship writers, bloggers and experts. If you’d like to write for us you need to align with the values that we live by here at Last First Date.

Here are the values you must align with:

  • Long-term, commitment focused
  • Building authentic relationships
  • Coming from a space of love and compassion
  • Getting to the heart of problems and issues

If your advice follows these values, you’re welcome to apply to become a writer.

Here’s what we do NOT want to see:

  • No sales letters or marketing pieces
  • No games or manipulation tactics
  • No man-hating or victimization
  • No short-term, attention-seeking techniques

Here’s what we DO want to see:

  • 100% original content
  • 800 – 1500 words
  • Interesting
  • Controversial
  • New and original ideas

Here are the topics we cover:

  • How to meet and attract quality men
  • How men fall in love
  • How to keep a man interested in you and commitment topics
  • Breakups and ex’s
  • Insecurities, healing the past, self-love, body image issues
  • Just about all relationship topics including sex, conflict, etc.
  • Dating in midlife

Those are the main topics that we discuss here.

In addition to tips and advice, we encourage you to share your personal stories, experiences, and life lessons. For instance, if something happened to you or someone you know that falls into one of those topics, that’s what our audience loves the most and connects with the best.

We’re Well Written

Last First Date is about quality over quantity. A lot of the women in our community are coming from very challenging situations and they need some real advice to help them get long-term solutions to their problems.

With that said, many of the women in our community have read or been exposed to really bad advice that has hurt them more than it has helped them. Part of our mission is to help them receive better information that they may not always want to hear but will give them a better chance at becoming successful in their relationships than short term manipulation tactics ever will.

We’re Looking for Quality Content

We are looking for posts that bring value to our readers.

Share what you know, cover new ground, tell the readers what you’ve discovered and run spell check!

When it comes to the way you write, make sure that you’re conversational. Break down your ideas into jargon-free, easy-to-read sentences that any beginner level reader can understand and engage with.

Remember: This is a blog. The better the reader can understand you, the more they’ll appreciate what it is that you say.


Ready to Submit Content?

If you’re in alignment with our values stated above and you want to become a writer for our blog, send us an email.

Please include the article pasted into the body of the email, your bio and your email address for your Gravatar. All guest posts must be proofread and edited prior to submission. If possible, please include a graphic image labeled for commercial use to go with your article.

Make sure to also include a short, 3-5 sentence bio, along with relevant website and social media links—so we can make you famous!

Also include links to previous articles you’ve written and what topics you’re interested in writing about for us.

Send the email to sandy@lastfirstdate.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: Flickr/Hillary

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