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Improving Nutrition to Support Mental & Physical Health

Did you know that improving nutrition can make you a more successful dater? Tamar Samuels tells us how to get healthier and sexier!

Tamar Samuels is all about improving nutrition. The founder of Culina Health, she’s a health coach and an RD specializing in helping people change their health behaviors. Providing knowledge and education is only a small part of the puzzle when it comes to making changes. The hard part is implementing the things you know you need to do on a consistent basis. This requires a tremendous amount of support, mindset shifts, action focused goals, collaboration and motivation. Coaching encompasses positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change techniques to accomplish this.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

✓ Why Tamar became a health coach

✓ How she motivates people in improving nutrition

✓ How to lose weight after menopause

✓ How people can date and go out for meals while still keeping healthy

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How to Stop Overthinking in Dating

stop overthinking in dating

Stop overthinking in dating! It’s driving you crazy and sabotaging your love life. Follow these powerful tips to calm your brain today.

Are you prone to overthinking in dating? Would you like to learn effective ways to STOP and calm your brain down? In this video, you’ll learn 6 powerful tools to help you stop overthinking.

If you’re an overthinker, you may be sabotaging your love life (without even realizing it). I see it every day…smart, awesome women who overanalyze and overthink their way OUT of a relationship instead of in.

What does overthinking look like? Here’s an example from one of my Facebook group members:

“I lie awake analyzing my relationship, and I just want it to stop! I feel like my brain is always on overdrive. I get so down on myself when I’m powerless over my thoughts. The constant chatter in my mind sounds like, “He doesn’t care about me. He is going to figure out that I’m crazy and leave me. I don’t believe him when he tells me he misses me or is excited to see me. When is he going to get sick of me? When will he say he loves me? Maybe he doesn’t love me!” And on and on…

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Falling In Love With An Emotionally Dangerous Person

emotionally dangerous person

Listen to this cautionary tale of falling in love with an emotionally dangerous person. You won’t believe what happened in this episode!

Bill Saubert is the author of “The Girl With The Green Lipstick“, a cautionary memoir of falling in love with an emotionally dangerous person. He’s an adventurer, NPR radio host, entrepreneur, non-profit board member, and novelist. He was a partner with the management consulting firm of McKinsey & Co before taking a senior marketing role with MasterCard in Australia for four years after which he retired. He is the proud father of a fabulous daughter and the grandfather of two beautiful children.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What motivated Bill to write his memoir about falling for an emotionally dangerous person?
  • The significance of the green lipstick
  • Is online dating riskier later in life?
  • Why Bill missed red flags in his relationship

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What to Do When You Get Stood Up

get stood up

When you get stood up on a date, what do you do? Before you blame yourself or send an angry text, follow these powerful six steps!

Even dating coaches get stood up sometimes. Here’s what happened to me. He had me at hello…literally. I mean, picture a good looking man with a deep voice saying, “Hello, Sandy” in a sexy British accent. How many of you wouldn’t melt? In this video, you’ll hear my story of getting stood up, and how I quickly recovered.

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5 Boundary Mistakes That Sabotage Love

boundary mistakes

Learn the 5 boundary mistakes that could be sabotaging your love life. Listen in to hear Theresa Byrne and I discuss boundaries!

Are you making these 5 boundary mistakes? If so, you might be sabotaging your love life. My guest, Theresa Byrne, is an inner power expert, 4th Degree Black Belt/ Master Instructor,  and a Certified Positive Intelligence© Coach. She teaches people how to change their physiology and mitigate their stress response in just three seconds by using their inner power. Arianna Huffington chose Theresa’s 2019 TEDTalk as one of the “Top 10 Most Meaningful TED Talks.”

She’s impressive! That’s why I reached out to her to co-lead our comprehensive 8-week boundaries course Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships, and the upcoming Boundary University, a one-stop-shop for all your boundary needs. I’m excited to have Theresa on the podcast to talk about the top 5 boundary mistakes that sabotage love, and what you can do to stop making those mistakes on your journey to your last first date.

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How to Practice Non-Attachment in Dating

non-attachment in dating

Practice non-attachment in dating, and you’ll stay present with the person you’re dating and enjoy the dating process so much more!

Does this sound like you: After a few dates, you find yourself falling for the man you’re dating. You haven’t felt this way in a long time…maybe ever! And you’re scared you might be falling too hard, and he won’t feel the same way. What if you get your heart broken? You’re afraid to get too attached, but you don’t want to close your heart to love, either. What do you do? What I’m about to share in this video will change your dating life forever!

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Cross-Cultural Dating With Frederica Noble

Dr. Frederica Noble became an expert at cross-cultural dating when she met and married a British man. Listen to her story here!

Frederica Hendricks Noble is a trained psychologist and life coach. Born in Detroit, she met her Englishman while living in Los Angeles. Frederica left the U.S. and moved to England to live and work. Frederica is now the Principal Consultant and Lead Life Strategist at Noble & Noble Consulting, where she coaches private clients through personal and professional transitions.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Frederica met her husband from ‘across the pond’
  • Why she wrote ‘The Special Relationship’
  • How dating someone from a different culture give her a new perspective on being American
  • Why a map and technology can help you with cross-cultural dating
  • How you can date across cultures with greater ease

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