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Are You Missing These Less Obvious Red Flags?

less obvious red flags

When you’re dating, it can be difficult to recognize these ten less obvious red flags. Watch the video to learn more!

It’s easy to recognize big red flags that are clearly waving in your face when you’re dating, like signs of verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

But what about the less obvious red flags? In this video, I share the more subtle red flags that could save you heartache and pain if you recognize them early on in the dating process.

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How to Keep Monogamy Hot

keep monogamy hot

It can be challenging to keep monogamy hot. That’s why Ashleigh Renard has inspired millions of couples to get their sexy back!

Ashleigh Renard, creator of the viral How to Keep Monogamy Hot video series, is the Carrie Bradshaw for married people. After sharing her own story of rehabbing a shabby marriage in her memoir, Swing, she now answers hundreds of requests from her audience each day on how they can improve their relationships. As a synchronized skating coach and choreographer, she spent over two decades fostering cooperation and teamwork for adolescent girls. Part coach, part storyteller, part cooperation whisperer, Ashleigh has inspired millions of couples to radically reimagine the connection and joy available to them in their marriage. Her memoir, Swing, has been optioned as a streaming series and Keeping it Hot with Ashleigh Renard, an unscripted marriage fixer upper show, is also in development.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What did you think swinging would add to your relationship?
  • What was the biggest lesson you learned through the process?
  • How has communicating your needs changed your relationship and personal goals?
  • What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer couples who are in a rut in the bedroom?
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Are You Dating in Goblin Mode?

goblin mode

Goblin Mode was the buzzword of 2022. In this video, I explain what it means and why many people believe it’s the perfect way to date.

In 2022, the Oxford word of the year was ‘goblin mode’, which means being unapologetically you without worrying about what others think. It was inspired by living through the pandemic, and realizing the only way to live is in goblin mode. According to a TikTok post in December of 2022, it’s “when you wake up at 2am and shuffle into the kitchen wearing nothing but a long T-shirt to make a weird snack, like melted cheese on saltines. It’s about a complete lack of aesthetic.”

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How to Overcome Body Shame

body shame

Body shame can hold us back from the life and love we want. In this episode, Juliette Karaman helps us overcome it and heal.

Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg is a UK-based mind and body coach and teacher on relationships, sex, intimacy, healing, and trauma. She specializes in the reinvention of the most intimate relationship in life – the one we have with ourselves. Juliette helps highly successful women rediscover who they are outside of being an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mother and experience all the pleasures and possibilities of life again.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is body shame, and why is it so prevalent today?
  • Who struggles most with body shame?
  • How does body shame impact our daily life? 
  • How is body shame connected with trauma?
  • What are some ways to begin to break free of body shame?
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Are You Compromising or Settling?

compromising or settling

Are you compromising or settling? If you’ve ever felt like you compromise too much or settle for the wrong person, watch this video.

Every healthy relationship requires each partner to negotiate differences and overlook certain habits and quirks. But you should never settle for a relationship that doesn’t honor the values and principles that are most important to you. In this video, I share how to tell if you’re compromising or settling in a relationship.

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Healing From Emotional Wounds and Trauma

emotional wounds

We all have emotional wounds and trauma from our past. In this episode, Chris Rackliffe helps us begin to heal so we can find lasting love.

Chris Rackliffe is a personal development writer and anxious attachment style coach, whose ability to paint with words has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In It’s Good to See Me Again, Rackliffe shares stories that cut straight to the heart, detailing his own heartfelt and harrowing experiences to help others lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What does it mean to take a trauma-informed approach to emotional healing?
  • What is nervous system regulation? Why is it important, and how can someone practice it?
  • How do attachment styles factor into emotional healing work?
  • In one of your TikTok videos, you mention how there are three aspects that are necessary for healing. What are they?
  • What are the most important takeaways for listeners regarding emotional healing? What do they need to focus on most?
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Stop Making These 5 Online Dating Mistakes!

online dating mistakes

Online dating mistakes are common, and they could be keeping you from finding your match. Check out this video to learn the top 5 mistakes.

Dating websites and apps make it easy for people to connect online and see if there’s a connection. But, finding love online is another story altogether. If you’ve tried online dating without success, you might be making some of the online dating mistakes I reveal in this video. The good news is they can easily be fixed to help you find the love you want.

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