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Is it Normal to Be Jealous of Your Partner’s Ex?

jealous of your partner's ex

Have you ever been jealous of your partner’s ex? In this video, you’ll learn how to work through jealousy and hurt feelings.

You can love and trust your partner, but when they reconnect with an ex, it can bring up jealousy or hurt feelings. In this video, you’ll learn whether it’s normal to be jealous of your partner’s ex, and what steps you can take to work through all the feelings that come up around your partner’s ex.

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Why a Comedian Created a Breakup Registry

breakup registry

Why did Natasha Pearl Hansen create a breakup registry after cancelling her wedding? Listen to this episode to find out!

Natasha Pearl Hansen is a comedian who recently created a breakup registry. Find out more about what THAT is in this episode. She’s also a podcast host and entrepreneur. In June 2019, the day she was supposed to get married, Natasha recorded and self-produced her first comedy special “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today…” which was shot at her wedding venue and recorded in front of an audience of guests. Her podcast, Future Role Model, is in its third year. Natasha created and curated her own comedy tours for nearly six years, selling out her solo performances around the globe.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why people stay in relationships way past the expiration date
  • Why Natasha started a Breakup Registry
  • What she’s learning from her new relationship
  • The secret to healthy relationships after a breakup
  • The importance of having hard conversations in relationships
  • How much to share in a relationship, and why withholding some things can lead to trust issues

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How to Heal the Subconscious Blocks to Love

blocks to love

When you heal your subconscious blocks to love, you attract in lasting love. Listen to this episode with Macy Matarazzo to learn more.

A girl of the ’70s, success for Macy Matarazzo was climbing the corporate ladder saying “I don’t need a man” (but wanting Prince Charming!), then finding herself in her 40’s alone, convinced that if love hasn’t just happened, she’s unlovable. That’s when she stopped “winging it”, and decided to do whatever it takes to figure out “love”. Before long, she married Larry, the perfect match. As she shared her story, others found love too. So she quit her 6 figure gig to help singles all over the world find the one using her signature SuperLOVED™ system.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Macy met and married in her 40s
  • Macy’s subconscious blocks to love
  • How to know if you have subconscious blocks
  • A powerful yet simple exercise to identify blocks and begin to heal them

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Are You Self-Focused or Other-Focused in Dating?


When should you be self-focused in dating and when should you be other-focused? In this video, learn how to create healthier relationships.

Are you caught in the trap of being other-focused vs self-focused in dating? When you’re too other-focused, especially during the dating process, it’s a form of codependency, which is an unhealthy attachment to the other person. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I hope he’ll like me more if I cook him dinner on our second date”, or “I need to break up, but I’m afraid to hurt his feelings”, or “I’m afraid to say no, because he might leave me”, you’re too other-focused. When you focus on his needs first, you’re at risk for abandoning your own needs and losing yourself. In this video, you’ll learn three ways to stop being other-focused when you’re dating, and how to begin to focus on yourself first.

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Finding Love After Divorce With an Ex!

Laurie Wright found love after divorce…with an ex! Listen to the story of how she reconnected with an ex, and how they fell in love again!

Laurie Wright found love after her divorce…with an ex from a failed relationship when she was 21. She’s known as Not Your Average Grandma, is the founder of the Second Half SPARK School™ and host of the Not Your Average Lives podcast. Her mission is to help empty nesters, who feel passionless, find more purpose so they can spend the time they have left doing what lights them up in a way no man can do.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • When Laurie realized she needed to leave the marriage
  • Why she reconnected with her ex, even though their relationship had failed 
  • Why it’s important to know there are more choices other than stay or leave when a marriage fails
  • How Laurie rediscovered her passions post-divorce
  • What happened with the ex-boyfriend (you’ll have to listen to find out!)

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10 Relationship Red Flags You Might Have Missed

relationship red flags

Have you ever missed or ignored relationship red flags? In this video, learn the top 10 red flags to look for in dating and relationships.

Have you ever missed any big relationship red flags? I definitely have. That’s why in this video I share 10 signs to look out for, so you can avoid abusive, codependent, or destructive relationships.

Many of us miss or ignore signs that a relationship isn’t working. We stay too long with the wrong people. Sometimes, we’re not even sure if it’s a true red flag or just an annoying habit. It’s crucial to recognize the signs that a relationship will not work early on so you can avoid heartache in the future. 

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Midlife Dating Adventures

midlife dating

Midlife dating can be fun and adventurous. Listen to this episode with author and podcast host, Jodi Klein, to hear first date stories!

Jodi Klein is the author of “First Date Stories: Women’s Romantic and Ridiculous Midlife Adventures,” which was published September, 2021. She is the host of the podcast “First Date Stories” and blog of the same name. Jodi created the First Date Stories platform to help women navigate dating in midlife, share advice, and stay on course to find enduring love.

In EP 478 of the Last First Date Podcast:

  • Why Jodi wrote First Date Stories
  • Who was the Dame in Shining Armor?
  • How Jodi went on her last first date
  • 6 Dating Deterrents that can keep you single
  • What is a Seasoned Dater?

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