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Dating After 40: Is Telling the Truth Always a Good Idea?

Check out episode #302: The Power of Telling the Truth on Your Dating Journey. Robert Kandell shares his thoughts on honesty, male/female dynamics, consent, and more.

My radio guest, Robert Kandell, joined me to discuss whether telling the truth about yourself in dating and relationships is always a good idea. We talked about the feminine/masculine dynamic in today’s confusing world of relationships…and so much more.

Robert has been hailed as “part football coach, part loving dad, and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”. He has spent the last sixteen years helping people build better relationships through more honest and authentic connection. Robert is an accomplished teacher, coach, and lecturer. He brings his enthusiasm and acumen to his weekly podcast, Tuff Love, on subjects around relationships, intimacy, communication and gender dynamics.

Check out highlights below for episode #302: The Power of Telling the Truth on Your Dating Journey.

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How to Establish a Strong Foundation for a Relationship

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, Aaron Jordan, Jr., aka Mr. Know Your Worth, shared his secrets to a strong foundation for a relationship. Check it out!

My radio guest, Aaron Jordan, Jr., is known to many as “Mr. Know Your Worth.” He’s an award-winning author, radio personality, speaker, relationship coach, and philanthropist. Aaron is the founder and host of the Nashville-based “Know Your Worth Radio Show” and author of “The Power Within, A Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes.” He is also the founder of the Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship Conference in Nashville and the Know Your Worth Relationship Empowerment Summit in Atlanta. He has been featured on CBS, ABC, Talk of the Town, Atlanta Live, and My TV 30 and was named a 2017 Nashville Black 40 under 40.

Check out highlights below for episode #301: The Keys to Establishing a Strong Foundation for a Relationship.

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How to Move from Victim to Thriving in Life and Love

My radio guest, Dr. Saida Désilets is a woman who personifies what it is to move from victim to thriving in life and love. You must check out this powerful episode!

I had an inspiring and delicious conversation with my radio guest, Dr. Saida Désilets. She is a woman who personifies what it is to move from victim to thriving in life and love. She shared her powerful story of transformation after a near death experience at age 20. Dr.Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign women, living life on their own terms. I couldn’t agree more!

As a thought-leader and body-philosopher, she has published several books: The Emergence of the Sensual Woman, and The Illustrious Jade Egg and had her innovative method featured in Dr. Christiane Northrup’s bestselling books: Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies & The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, as well as in Dr. Rachel Abrams books: Multi-Orgasmic Woman & BodyWise.

After two decades of dedicated, embodied professional practice, Saida is a visionary spokesperson for sexual sovereignty.

Highlights below for episode #300: How to Move from Victim to Thriving in Life and Love.

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Top Tips for Successfully Dating After Divorce


dating after divorce

Dating after divorce can be scary, exciting, and frustrating. In today’s video, author Anne Grey shared our best tips for successfully dating after divorce. Check it out!

This week, I was honored to be a featured guest on Divorce Force’s Facebook Live broadcast, where the topic was women over 40 who are dating after divorce. Host, Jenn Butler, interviewed me and Anne Grey, author, consultant, and advocate for women over 40 who specializes in empowering women to navigate the world of dating apps to find gratifying relationships. She is the author of Amazon Best Seller, Sex and the Single Girl, A Slightly Older Girl’s Guide to Dominating the Dating World and has recently partnered with sex educator and erotica store owner, Cheryl Sloane, to launch the very first online course for single women over 40 on dating and sexuality. Watch the video and check out highlights below.

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How to Find Your Voice and Speak Up

My radio guest, Tammy Lee Schumacher’s marriage fell apart, because she didn’t know how to take care of her needs and speak up. In this episode, learn how to find your voice and save your relationships.

My radio guest, Tammy Lee Schumacher, was a teenage mother and bride. She had five children and 11 grandchildren, and her life looked rosy from the outside. But no one could guess that her 37-year marriage was on the verge of destruction. She triumphed over countless challenges from depression to lack of self-esteem, and pulled herself out of a gray cloud –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to become who she is today. She separated and reconnected with her husband since 2014. Schumacher is an optimist, author, healer, speaker, mentor, teacher and workshop facilitator inspiring and empowering women.

Show notes below for episode #299: How to Find Your Voice and Speak Up to Save Your Relationships.

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The Importance of Speaking Up

 Are you at a loss for words when it comes to expressing yourself—especially when it feels vulnerable or scary? In this video, I share an example of the power of speaking up with a story from my past.

What conversation are you avoiding? Maybe you’re afraid of speaking up to ask your boyfriend if he’s shut down his online profile (because you’re already sleeping together). Or you KNOW you deserve a raise, but your boss hasn’t given you a promotion in over a year. It’s scary to ask for what you want, to speak up and stand up for something that’s important to you. In this video, I speak about the importance of having your voice heard. And I share a vulnerable story about how I finally learned to SPEAK UP to someone from my past and get the closure I needed. 

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How High Performing Women Can Attract Lasting Love

If you’re a high performing woman who is successful at work but struggling to attract lasting love, you must check out this week’s podcast with Love Coach, Bex Burton.

My radio guest, Bex Burton, is a Certified DreamBuilder and Love Coach. She supports smart, successful, single high performing women in becoming radiant and magnetic to LOVE, so they can attract lasting, loving, soulmate relationships with amazing men.

After failing painfully at love for over a decade, Bex set out to get to the bottom of what wasn’t working. Along the way, she discovered her own personal Majesty, “accidentally” wrote her own true love story, brought it to life through hula hoop performance art, and attracted an extraordinary man, who is now her husband.

Today, Bex supports thousands of driven women in dreaming up and manifesting their own unique love stories through her in-depth transformational “Your Majesty” coaching programs, live and online workshops, performances, and events.

Listen to, download, and check out highlights of episode #298: How High Performing Women Attract Real, Lasting Love with Bex Burton.

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