10 Relationship Red Flags You Might Have Missed

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relationship red flags

Have you ever missed or ignored relationship red flags? In this video, learn the top 10 red flags to look for in dating and relationships.

Have you ever missed any big relationship red flags? I definitely have. That’s why in this video I share 10 signs to look out for, so you can avoid abusive, codependent, or destructive relationships.

Many of us miss or ignore signs that a relationship isn’t working. We stay too long with the wrong people. Sometimes, we’re not even sure if it’s a true red flag or just an annoying habit. It’s crucial to recognize the signs that a relationship will not work early on so you can avoid heartache in the future. 

There are three main categories of relationship red flags:

  • WITH YOURSELF: How you are when you’re with him. Do you feel you can be yourself? Is your mental or physical health better or worse when you’re together?
  • WITH HIM: His behavior, personality traits, beliefs, and values. Are you concerned about he behaves with you or others? Do you clash with each other’s values and beliefs?
  • WITH THE RELATIONSHIP: How you interact with each other. Do you have a lot of disagreements or avoid talking about important issues?

Pay attention the following ten red flags. If they show up in dating or your relationship, get curious and see if they can be resolved. It’s not always a black and white situation. Healthy and effective communication can often resolve relationship concerns.

The Top 10 Relationship Red Flags:

1) He has poor conflict resolution. 

2) He’s critical. 

3) You don’t feel safe to be yourself. 

4) Friends and family members express concerns. 

5) He’s controlling.

6) He’s uncomfortable with emotional depth. 

7) He asks you to give up your friends/interests/goals.

8) He pressures you to escalate the relationship before you’re ready.

9) He lies or cheats. 

10) Abuse of any kind.

The first time you notice a red flag, talk about it. Get curious. It may be something you can work out, like finding more effective ways to communicate or argue. However, any type of abusive behavior will tend to get worse and more frequent, not better, over time. Stop excusing the inexcusable and leave a relationship that feels controlling or abusive in any way.

Have you ever ignored or dismissed red flags? Do you have any of the above red flags? Leave a comment and let me know.

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