10 Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

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one-sided relationship

Have you ever been in a one-sided relationship – feeling anxious, questioning their interest in you? If so, watch this video!

If you’ve ever been in a one-sided relationship, you know how awful it feels. You’re always on edge, wondering if they really like you. In this video, I share 10 signs that the relationship is not working, because they’re just not that interested in you.

10 Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

  1. You don’t feel secure in the relationship
  2. You’re always second-guessing your partner’s motives
  3. You feel like there’s something wrong with you
  4. When you’re apart, you don’t hear from them often
  5. You’re putting in most of the effort
  6. You’re afraid to be yourself with them
  7. You make excuses for your partner
  8. You’re afraid to bring up difficult issues
  9. Your relationship is not growing
  10. You’re craving more connection

If you recognize two or more of these signs in your relationship, your needs are not being met, and you’re in a one-sided relationship. It’s time to take action.

What to do if you’re in a one-sided relationship?

  • Talk about your concerns, and then listen to their response.
  • If they’re open and willing to change, come up with a concrete plan to make small changes.
  • If they’re not open and get defensive, accept them for who they are, not the potential of who they might become.
  • If they’re open to implementing changes, suggest therapy or coaching.
  • If nothing changes, end the relationship kindly.

Have you ever been in a one-sided relationship? Please comment below!

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