10 Simple Secrets For Online Dating Success

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online dating successIf you’re dating online, you’re going to want to check out these 10 tips for online dating success. The following article originally appeared on the home page of YourTango.com

Think of your online dating profile as a marketing tool for love. Every inch of space is valuable ‘real estate,’ yet most people have no idea how to fill out their profile or date online in the most effective way. In fact, you may be unknowingly turning off the very people you want to attract. You must paint yourself in the best possible light to attract the highest quality people. I want you to send out a strong personal message to your future love interest so s/he can find you! On that note, continue reading for my 10 secrets to online dating success. 

10 Secrets for Online Dating Success

  1. Don’t be self-deprecating. Although you may think it sounds cute, others might read self-deprecation and get turned off by the negativity. People can assume you have low self-esteem, so keep your essay upbeat and positive.
  2. Use great photos. First of all, use photos. Period. Without pictures, you will likely be passed by. Most singles search for profiles with pictures only. What types of photos will attract the right attention? Your profile photo should be a close-up of you smiling, teeth showing, looking natural. Women and men should wear color to stand out in the sea of blacks and dark blues. You should post at least 3 more photos; 1 full body shot, 1 of you doing an activity you love, and 1 more formal. You can include a pet in one photo, but not in your profile photo.

Read tips 3-10 here: YourTango.com


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