10 Things You Can Do to Manifest Your Man

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Did you know there are many things you can do in your home to manifest your man? My radio guest, love coach Katie Titi, shared 10 great tips!


manifest your man

Katie Titi is the host of Great Men Do Exist, Create a Space for Love, and author of the #1 Amazon Best-selling book, Love By Design: 10 things you can do in your home now to manifest your man.

With a background in love coaching and interior design, Katie specializes in guiding women to redesign their mindsets and environments in compassionate and vigorous support of their romantic love endeavors so they can be the best option for the amazing man that they’re meant to attract. Check out highlights below of episode #264: Love By Design: 10 Things You Can Do to Manifest Your Man.

10 Things You Can Do to Manifest Your Man

What motivated you to do this work?

Several years ago, I realized I was stuck. I seemed to keep messing love up. Everything else was going well. I felt depressed about it. I hired a love coach, and I learned that I get to take control of my love life, and it was up to me to make the change. 

Several years later, I became a love coach. It’s so rewarding. I love supporting women to find amazing love within themselves and then attract it.

How do you help women shift their mindset in love?

It begins with a simple change in perspective: if dating feels hard, how about dating gets to be fun? We forget about the present moment on a date. Don’t be future oriented. Just be with the other person. 


What are ten things women can do in their homes to manifest love?

People tend to leave their homes in a default mode. When you walk in someone’s home, you can tell what their priorities are. I love to light candles. I like rose, lavender, sandalwood and a few others. I leave them out, so I light them more often.

1. Make sure your self-care items are out and easy to access.

2. Put out images/art work of your love life and what you want to manifest.

3. Bring nature into your home. A fountain, an image of a beach on desktop or hanging up on a wall.

4. Take an audit of your home. Look at the things in your home, and ask yourself if they’re serving your goal for finding love. If not, declutter.

5. Shift energy in your home by determining what you want to add to your space. Ask yourself, What do I want? And design your home according to that. Live as if you’re already where you want to be in love.

6. Feng shui tip: have two of everything; a night stand on either side of your bed, two lamps, so there’s room for your future man. 

7. Make space in your closet for a man.

8. Add some romantic sculptures.

9. Create your own art or vision board, and watch it physically manifest what you desire.

10. Make sure your rooms are painted in more inclusive colors, not just pink or feminine colors.

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