10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile

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Today’s post is by a guest contributor who found me online. There is no specific author, because this site, Best Dating Sites, is run by a group of authors. I thought the tips were useful for my readers, so I edited them to share with you today.

The most important feature of any dating site is the profile, which is your billboard for self-promotion, letting people know who you are. With the 10 tips for creating the perfect online dating profile, you can create a profile that is highly effective in giving out the message you want to send about yourself.

  1. Stay away from cheesy. Although you may think it sounds cute, others read cheesy descriptions and get turned off instantly. When you overdo cheesy, you come off as cheesy and not many people are going to take interest based on your personal description or bio.
  2. Use pictures. You can explain what you look like, but without pictures, you will likely be passed by. Many times when singles are searching for someone on a dating site, they tend to stick to those with pictures, allowing them to see who it is up front. If you don’t have a picture, many times your bio won’t even show up for your matches as they look for people online through picture profiles.
  3. Keep the bio brief. You will find that many dating sites provide a great deal of space for your personal bio, but the key is to keep it brief. You don’t want to post a long essay for others to read as they will lose interest in reading.
  4. Leave mysteries. There is nothing worse than giving too much information, especially when you are dating online. For one, you don’t know the people online before you meet them and giving too much information is never wise. Another reason is that you want to keep the interest going through mystery and allowing the singles to find out who you are through further communication.
  5. Add genuine interests. Many times, when singles are looking for a perfect match for them online, they are looking at the key interests of the other person in order to gauge whether or not a relationship would work.
  6. Don’t fear being truthful. One of the benefits of online dating is that you are able to start off by hiding behind your computer. You can post your profile and see who is genuinely interested based on your truth without having to worry about the rejection and disappointment, so you should be as clear and open as possible on your profile.
  7. Use features available. If you are offered the ability to change your profile template, theme, or design, take it, as this is the best way to personalize your profile to show others what you are like. There is a lot more gained from viewing the way people decorate than reading what they have to say about themselves.
  8. Be clear about your intentions. There are many times when people will create a profile that starts with “nothing serious” and ends with “lifelong love”. This is confusing and makes others stay away because they aren’t sure what to expect from you when pursuing a relationship with you. So be clear!
  9. Include the key details. What are these key details? Education, employment, religious preference, values, and unusual hobbies or interests are key. These details help match you with people who are more compatible with you.
  10. Mention any kids. This is an important part of your life. Don’t leave it out for fear of being rejected because someone doesn’t want to date someone with kids. However, don’t fill your page with your children for two reasons: a) to protect the privacy of your kids and b) people on the site are interested in dating you, not your children.

Creating an online dating profile is a very important step of the entire process, ensuring that people can find you based on details that match you together. If you are able to create a profile with quality, truth, and personality, others can see you for who you are and become interested in finding out more.



  1. RE: item 10 – ditto for pets. A person with pets in every profile picture communicates that she already has a committed relationship – with her four legged companion.

  2. She might have a committed relationship with her pet/s, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t have one with you. I would keep an open mind about that.

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