Q & A Wednesday: Am I flirting wrong? Why am I attracting the wrong guys?

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Dear Sandy,

Recently I’ve attracted a few men who are persistent and wanting to make plans, but I don’t feel a connection to them in a physical or sexual way. Am I putting out the wrong type of signs or energy? I’m a pretty friendly person and have been practicing your flirting advice but am I sending mixed messages or am I sending the right message, just haven’t found the right guy? 


Dear Candice,


So glad to hear that you’re getting out, being social, and flirting with men.

The number one four letter word that keeps women single? HOME!

So, keep on flirting, having fun, and putting out positive vibes whenever you’re around men. That will guarantee that you’re a flirty pro when you meet the right guy. You will be irresistible!

Are you putting out the wrong messages to the guys you’re attracting? I don’t think so at all. Men are attracted to confident, flirtatious women.

So, you’re not putting out the wrong message. They are just the wrong guys for you. Stay in your feminine power and choose the right guy for you.

Happy flirting!




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