3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationships

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improve your relationships

Improve yourself to improve your relationships. Here are 3 easy ways.

The concept of self-actualization gained public prominence after Abraham Maslow named it as the final level of psychological development in his hierarchy of needs. But the act of self-discovery has been going on long before the American psychologist gave it any hype.

Throughout time, philosophers, artists, writers and the like have sought to better understand the world by better understanding themselves. And the practice still goes on today. Popular stories like “Eat, Pray, Love,” the 2006 memoir of a woman who travels the world to find herself after a devastating divorce, inspires audiences to do the same.

If you’re in a crisis that involves you wondering who the heck you are and what the heck you want to do with the rest of your life, here are 3 tips to improve yourself and improve your relationships.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationships

1. Live Alone

The benefits of living alone extend way past not having to wear pants. Without a constant audience, you are free to let loose and become a bit more familiar with your at-home self. Despite what myths often accompany the thought of living alone, you may find you’re actually more productive, more creative and more social. Instead of relying on a roommate or significant other to keep you company, you’ll find yourself spending time with others by choice — and you’ll value that choice more often when you have to make it. If you’re new to an area and worried about meeting new people, ApartmentGuide’s blog suggests becoming a regular at a nearby coffee shop or getting involved with a local organization to make new friends.


2. Meditate

Meditation doesn’t have to involve you sitting crossed legged in a corner with your arms in the air. Scientific American reports, research on naps, meditation, nature walks and other habits of successful artists and athletes shows how mental breaks can rejuvenate the mind, increase productivity and encourage creativity. So if traditional meditation or yoga isn’t really your thing, find what is. Once a week, head outside for a brisk walk or schedule downtime that doesn’t involve anyone else or an electronic device. You may be surprised at what the alone time does for your mental and emotional sense of well-being, as well as the health of your relationships.


3. Do Something Hard

The most challenging times often offer us the most empowering lessons. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? The answer varies by person, but could include leaving a meaningless job, moving somewhere new, having a hard conversation or traveling solo. In a post on the travel websiteLonelyPlanet.com, a reader asks about self-discovery. One man’s reply: “If you want to find out ‘who you are’ start by examining the things about yourself [when you’re] not in control.” If you’ve spent a large part of your life in one place, traveling somewhere new will open up opportunities of growth and self-realization, not because of the unfamiliar destination, but because of who you have to rely on (yourself!) in that place of unfamiliarity.


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