3 Keys to Dating Success During Covid-19

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dating during covid-19

Dating during COVID-19 might seem challenging. These 3 tips will help you forge deeper connections and maybe even find lasting love!

If you’ve given up on dating during Covid-19, please reconsider. If you follow the guidelines in this video, you may be able to find the love of your life.

Dating During Covid-19:

  1. Digital dates. Exchange a few messages and gauge whether there’s enough interest to get on a call. Hearing someone’s voice is so much more effective than relying on the written word to give you a sense of who a person is. Keep the call short, 20 minutes to 1/2 hour the most. This is just to see if you want to continue talking or end the connection after that call. Watch the video for tips on what to discuss during this call.
  2. Virtual dates. Next level connection is to get on a virtual date. This is like your coffee date. You’ll be able to see if there’s attraction. Watch the video for tips on what to look for and what to talk about on the virtual date. If they pass the Zoom test, you might want to meet in person to feel what it’s like to be in his presence.
  3. In person dates. Know before you go! What do you need to feel safe? Masks? Social distancing? Let him know before you meet up. Discuss where you’ll meet so you both feel good about the location and the ability to be safe in all ways. In the video, you’ll hear more tips on what to discuss before you meet in person.

Once you have been on a few dates and you have a solid connection, what do you do next? There are many options, and you need to figure out which works best for you. Perhaps it’s COVID testing and temperatures before you see him in a more private setting and are ready for physical contact. Some people quarantine for 14 days before getting physical. Create boundaries around what works for you.

Ironically, the Coronavirus may be slowing the dating process down initially, but with the right type of connection, your relationship can rapidly accelerate.

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