4 Common Valentine’s Day Don’ts & How to Avoid Making Them

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Valentine's DayWhether you adore Valentine’s Day or would be just as happy skipping ahead to February 15th, chances are good you’ll be acknowledging the day in some way if you have a significant other in your life. To ensure the best day possible with your sweetie, consider these common Valentine’s Day don’ts and how to avoid them. And if you’re single, there’s something at the end of the article for you, too.

Don’t: Over/Under-Do Valentine’s Day

To avoid putting too much/not enough emphasis on Valentine’s day, take an honest look at your sweetheart and his or her personality. You might be tempted to order a singing telegram for your honey at work followed up by an expensive dinner at a fancy schmantzy restaurant, but if your S/O is an introvert who prefers takeout and a cuddle on the couch, your well-meaning but over-the-top gestures will fall flat. However, if your sweetheart loves Valentine’s Day and has already mentioned how much he or she is looking forward to doing something special with you, you may want to step it up a notch. Think about what will make your partner happy, and you’ll be well on your way to having a memorable day together.

Don’t: Serve a Less-Than-Fabulous Meal

Yes, your partner won’t break up with you if you burn the steaks and serve a wilted salad on Valentine’s Day—after all, he or she loves you for you and not your culinary skills. But you can avoid the situation from happening in the first place with a practice cooking session ahead of time. For example, if your honey adores lasagna, find a great lasagna recipe and practice making it a week or two ahead of time. Or, make it a day or two in advance and just reheat it on V-Day. The same is true for side dishes and anything else you want to serve.

Don’t: Get Stuck With a Back-Ordered Gift

Let’s say your sweetie has been dropping major hints about a bracelet or new jacket. Do your shopping now instead of later. Just like at Christmastime when things sell out, there is no guarantee that the bracelet or jacket will be there on Feb. 13. Order online or shop in person as soon as you can; this way, if something needs to be back-ordered, it could still come in by Valentine’s Day—or at the very least, it will give you the chance to come up with Plan B.

Don’t: Forget the True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about showing the love and appreciation you have for your special someone. Don’t stress about finding the “perfect” gift, especially if budget is a concern; this day is about a genuine demonstration of your love, not who can drop the most cash. Focus instead on a few smaller tokens of your affection that you can present throughout the day. For example, start the morning with heart-shaped bagels from your local bakery, and then surprise him or her with a delivery of flowers at work. Later that evening, present him or her with another small token of your affection, and most importantly, enjoy a romantic evening together celebrating the love you share.

What if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day?

V-day is not a reason for you to get depressed if you don’t have a romantic partner. Hogwash! This is a good time to fall even more madly in love with the most important person in your life – YOU. Take yourself out to that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Or throw a party for your single friends – a love fest. Watch a comedy, eat delicious food, and celebrate your amazing lives.

In truth, I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s become a Hallmark holiday, designed to sell a ton of red roses and greeting cards, heart-shaped jewelry, and romantic movies.

However you feel about February 14th, it’s always good to celebrate the love you have for your significant other or yourself. But why wait for this special day? Remember to pay attention to your own self-love every day. And if there is someone special in your life, show them that you care in small ways every single day. That’s one of the best ways to keep your love alive.


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