4 Date Ideas for When You’re Low on Funds

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shutterstock_181267994Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t date. You’ve got goals, motivation and most of all, so much love to offer a partner. If you can’t travel or spend a ton of money on dating, here are four creative date ideas that are proven to impress. Keep in mind that most of these tips are not good for a first date. They are intended for those of you who have been on a few dates and have established some trust and rapport.

1. Volunteer for Love

You are worthy of love, and you need to believe this yourself before others will see it too. Have a positive attitude and never put yourself down or make self-deprecating comments on a date. Focus on giving back to bring in the positive vibes and improve your sense of well-being at the same time. According to United Health Group, volunteering makes people feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. It also helps lower stress levels, making it perfect for first-date jitters. Set up a volunteer date where you both can help out at an animal shelter or craft up inspirational cards to deliver to the homeless. Not only will this help you bond with your date, but it will be the beginning of a karma-improving service commitment if this develops into a relationship. Visit VolunteerMatch.org to find volunteer opportunities near you.

2. Get Active

Working out is another activity that fuels those feel-good endorphins. And the best part? It can be 100 percent free. Suggest going on a hike if you live close to some beautiful trails, or give your date dance lessons in the park. You could also try kayaking, biking or training for a race together. These are one-on-one dates where you can really get to know each other and also sneak in some exercise at the same time. So get outside and get ready to fall in love.

3. Dating On-Demand

Invite a date over for a movie and dinner at your place. Not only does this eliminate traveling on your part, but it also makes you more comfortable so your date can really get to know you. Prepare for this date by using what you already have in your fridge to prepare a romantic meal. Supercook.com uses the ingredients you have on hand and churns out a recipe. Find a movie on-demand, and you’re ready to spend the night getting close on the couch.

4. Puppy Love

You hear it time and time again. “You guys make such a great couple — where did you meet?” “Oh, at the dog park!” Many single people with pets state that a relationship won’t work out if their potential partner doesn’t get along with their furry friends. Go on a double date with your doggies and take a walk through town. Stop to grab a cup of coffee and sit outside to enjoy the weather and have a casual conversation. According to dog trainer Cesar Milan, the top breed to attract women is a golden retriever, so if you have one or are thinking about adopting one, this is the perfect date for you.


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