4 New York City Date Ideas To Knock His Socks Off!

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NYC date ideasGuest blog by Amanda Richter

It’s the special kind of date night that requires you to find the best of the best that NYC has to offer for your partner. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any other special date night, you’re tired of the same old same old. You love the restaurant at the bottom of your apartment building, the local theater groups and the bar right by your partner’s house, but tonight you want a date that doesn’t resemble the tried and true.

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New York City has countless ways to keep yourself and your partner entertained, whether you’ve lived in the city for your entire life, you’re a recent transplant or one of those ‘”pesky” tourists! Following are some of the top New York City date ideas for that special night.Top Tasting Menus

No matter how long you live or stay in New York City, another must-eat restaurant, food truck or pop-up restaurant will come along. This city is truly a foodie paradise, and tasting menus allow you to experience the full range of a particular chef’s vision without ordering six entrees between the two of you. Zagat’s recommendations for New York City tasting menus includes Recette, a New American restaurant in West Village that focuses on new flavor combinations with an eye for presentation, Torrisi, an Italian restaurant with a seven-course meal that takes you through a classic Italian food adventure, and Jung Silk, a Korean restaurant that focuses on a tasting menu, with an a la carte option for any dishes you might want to try.

Offbeat Musicals

Looking for something full of humor and satire? Consider “Avenue Q,” a show that’s best described as “Sesame Street” after dark. You have actors and puppets side by side, following the story of Princeton, a new graduate who finds himself on Avenue Q in New York City. It’s a risque and entertaining show that is currently playing at the New World Stages. If you’re not quite up for cursing puppets for the evening, Telecharge.com has a complete listing of New York City musicals, shows and plays to consider.

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Hot Bar Spots

The nightlife culture is strong in New York City, with plenty of unique bar spots and concepts that you won’t find anywhere else. The Fairytail Lounge, located in Hell’s Kitchen, has a Victorian vibe that adds a great deal of personality to this small space. It’s intimate and romantic when live music isn’t scheduled, and on music nights you’re entertained by plenty of talented DJs.

Revisiting the Past

Have you been in a relationship for a while, and you want to do a nostalgic walk through your past? This date idea works best if your entire relationship has been based in NYC, but you can choose similar locations to walk through your timeline together. Once you’ve relived your past, take a historic tour through NYC; choose to walk around the city and observe the secrets of the Grand Central Terminal or explore the history and art museums that this vibrant city has to offer.

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