4 Summer Activities for Long Weekends

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summer activities

Here are four fun summer activities and events you and your honey can enjoy over a long weekend.

It’s finally summer. Soon your weekends will be packed with pool parties, BBQs and vacations. For your next three-day weekend, plan an adventure that suits the interests of you and your significant other. Work together to create a romantic trip that will excite and entertain the two of you. Think outside the box and find activities that allow for exploration of nature, music, art and culture. Here are four fun activities and events you and your honey can enjoy over a long summer weekend.

4 Summer Activities for Long Weekends

#1. Outdoor Adventures

Get into the great outdoors and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Design your great escape as a series of small day trips or one extended trip. For example, you and your partner can go on a multi-day backpacking trek. The two of you can fully immerse yourselves into the remote wild for an intimate connection with nature.

Make sure you have enough water, food, emergency supplies and a portable charger for your adventure.

An alternative outdoor activity is a cycling tour where you can ride the open roads and go farther than if you hike. Cycling tours are ideal for those who crave aerobic, recreational activities and a new travel experience. Make sure you do a few preparation runs and have a solid route mapped out.

For an extra challenge and a great opportunity to bond, you and your significant other can rent a tandem bike for a closer, shared experience.


#2. Music Festivals

Many exciting and entertaining music festivals are held in a variety of U.S. cities throughout the summer season. Seek out a destination that has a notable festival and bands that you enjoy. The wonderful thing about large music festivals — Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Firefly and FYF — is they have a wide offering of musical genres. Fuse has a list of the 22 best summer music festivals to inspire you.

Pack comfortable apparel that is appropriate for the weather conditions. Make sure you bring a sweater or light jacket into the music festival grounds to keep warm during the evening shows. Also bring along earplugs; the music will be very loud and can cause ear damage. The earplugs will still allow enjoyment of the tunes but will protect your ears and prevent hearing loss.


#3. Art Excursions

If you and your partner are avid lovers of art, indulge in a three-day tour of galleries, museums and work studios. Find a town or metropolis that has a strong art scene — Austin, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles — and curate a tour for you and your travel buddy. Include both large- and small-scale museums so you can view niche genres as well as have access to a variety of galleries.

Many art museums offer unique events on weekends. For example, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has special musical guests, film showings, tours and family events for its weekend guests.

#4. Food Tours

Food tours are ideal for those fascinated by the culinary arts and curious about the craft of spirits, wine and beer. Many cities offer group food tours, where you can learn about the history and culture of the city’s restaurant scene. Plan to visit the most noteworthy restaurants and artisans for a smorgasbord of samples and small bites.

If you are both wine connoisseurs, take a tour of wine country, be it Sonoma, Napa, the Willamette Valley or elsewhere, and learn about different wine varieties of the region. Make sure you have organized transportation for your tour. Plan on having a designated driver for safe transit between destinations.


What are your favorite summer activities? Please share in the comments below.


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