4 Tips to Make Moving in Together a Breeze

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moving in together

Moving into a new space at any age can be stressful. However, there are some unique concerns that couples over 50 face. Consider these interior design tips as you move into your new home with your partner.

Be Prepared to Part With Old Furniture

Although both of you have grown attached to your old furniture and home accessories, there’s no way it’s all going to fit into your new home. This phase of moving in together requires both partners to part ways with old items that won’t complement the new space. You both have to make decisions to donate, sell or trash items. The only exception to this rule, says design historian Alessandra Wood, is if one person’s items are truly better or higher quality.

While it may be hard to donate your adult kids’s childhood items or say goodbye to your dining room table, it has to be done. This is the time to start fresh and new.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Once you’ve gotten rid of some of your old home furnishings, you may find it hard to part with certain belongings for sentimental reasons. If you’ve got a great collection of family heirlooms or vintage designer furniture and antiques, consider putting them in storage.

It’s best to rent a climate-controlled unit to ensure that your items are protected and not exposed to the elements. Cost Owl reports that the average cost of a 5 by 10 climate-controlled storage unit ranges from $120 to $175 per month.

Buy New Items Together

After ditching some of your old home furnishings, it’s time to freshen up your shared space by adding new accessories and furnishings. Spend the day shopping for new items that you both like. This shared time will help you get a better understanding of your spouse’s design preferences.

Small additions like window treatments can transform the look of a room and they are a relatively simple addition. The Shade Store offers handcrafted draperies from solar styles to blackout curtains that can accompany your home’s style. You also may want to consider accent pieces such as rugs, end tables, lamps and artwork to give your new home some combined flair.

Blend Your Styles

Even if you care more about the interior design of your home, it’s important to consider your partner when making decisions. After all, your significant other will be living in the space, too. Find a solution to blend both of your design preferences in a way that’s not too feminine or masculine. From furniture choices to wall color, everything must be considered. Although you may love your floral printed couch, your husband might not feel the same way, so keep an open mind and have fun decorating together.

If you’re having trouble developing a cohesive design scheme, Home Guides suggests hiring an interior designer. A professional can take the guesswork out of designing your first home together and they have expert knowledge when it comes to top design trends and what furnishings work best for your shared space. The authority on home design, Houzz, has a list of more than 9,000 professional designers and decorators. Simply browse through the listing by entering your zip code and preferences, and you’ll be connected to a local professional.


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    is always strange, especially when you move with your partner! Great tips! I hope to be able to move in a new home with my husband soon. Greetings!

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