5 Apps to Improve Your Relationship

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improve your relationshipRelationship needs have changed over the years. They have evolved from physiological and safety needs to being more about self-actualization and relating and responding to one another, shows research from Northwestern University. Those ideas might be hard to consolidate when we live in a world where texting, email and social media are the norm and gazing into your partner’s eyes may only be an occasional indulgence. Instead of trying to separate our plugged-in culture with our relationships, why not embrace it? Download an app to your smartphone that is designed to enhance your intimacy needs, improve your relationship, and give your relationship a fiery boost.

5 Apps to Improve Your Relationship


The Couple app keeps all of your treasured moments between you and your significant other stored in one place. It is completely private and allows users to share those intimate moments of their lives with video, audio and photos. There’s even a ThumbKiss option to share a smooch with your smartphone screen.

Although anyone can use this app, it’s perfect for long distance couples who want to keep connected in real time by drawing sketches together, making phone calls and sharing to-do lists and calendar reminders. It’s almost like a virtual assistant for couples who want to intimately connect while still remembering important dates and grocery lists.

Simply Us

The aptly named Simply Us app is incredibly simple with no set-up required. Couples can share their calendars and lists to help get things done like running errands or working on a project together. The app instantly syncs so you and your partner are looking at the same information and can keep on top of your task at hand. Like other couple focused apps, Simply Us also allows you to share photos and text messages privately.


Looking for a sexier app for you and your loved one? Kindu helps couples communicate about their desires without the risk of embarrassment or awkward conversations. Submit a naughty idea, and let your partner rate it as anything from definitely to open to discussion. Your partner also rates the same ideas before Kindu connects the response and presents the ideas as a match or maybe something to discuss for a later date.

Kindu does more than just rate your physical desire. It also gives you nearly 1,000 intimate ideas and lots of categories like romantic activities and foreplay. Don’t worry about roaming eyes. This app has a passcode protection and reset function.


Get reminders for anniversaries and tips on things to do to make your partner happy. The app can help figure out a fun date night in your city or create special love coupons to redeem after a great night out or special occasion. There’s even a relationship timeline, so a couple can see all the things they have done for each other and how they have actually contributed to the relationship.

Kahnoodle acts more like a game than just a cute app to remind you to appreciate each other. Couples can accumulate points by ranking each other’s love signs or shows of affection like verbal praise. As their rank improves, the app gives out a Kudos, which can be redeemed for rewards.


Duet is on a mission to remind you to do things with someone you love. One person suggests something to do and the app creates a collaborative list of things to do throughout your lives together. The app provides a way to make messaging a little more intimate.

Duet also is a nice way to break the ice if you have a crush and want to propose something simple. Just send them a note through the app and suggeset something like an evening run. Even if they don’t have the free app, they can still send and receive notes through SMS messaging.

Want to improve your relationship? There’s an app for that!




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