5 Fun & Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas for Lovers

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romantic outdoor date ideasGetting outdoors is so much better when you can do it with the one you love. Each season brings its own beauty, and learning how to enjoy your natural surroundings can make any outing romantic.

Here are 5 fabulous, fun, and romantic date ideas for lovers (or to win the heart of someone you’re courting).




5 Fun & Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas for Lovers

1. Picnics

Picnics are fun way to enjoy the outdoors, but you can romance your spread with a few tips. First, consider what you bring. Sandwiches or fried chicken are both easy to transport, but maybe take it up a notch or two and explore different flavors or cuisines with side dishes you bring along. Perhaps try a different cheese, or an unusual fruit that you’ve never tasted before. And pair it with a wine or a sparkling water to complement your offerings. A red-and-white checked blanket is classic, but you could also think about something more personal, like a few yards of fleece from the fabric store. You can select the pattern and color, and it will wash easily and be ready for your next sexy picnic.

2. Outdoor concerts

How about an afternoon in the sun or an evening under the stars listening to a favorite band play? Make sure you keep your preferences in mind when you buy your tickets. Would you prefer to lay down a blanket in the grass, or would you like to opt for a seat closer to the stage? Outdoor concerts make it easy to enjoy the outdoors without going completely back to nature. Enveloped in your lover’s arms—what a luscious way to enjoy a romantic time together.

3. Road trips

Taking off for a day, or even for a weekend, can be a perfect romantic getaway. And while your destination is your goal, why not discover a gorgeous scenic route to get you there? Map out your travels, but take a more winding route that will take you through local beautiful scenery that you might not see if you took a well-traveled highway. Take breaks at a small park or scenic overlook. Fun and romantic!

4. Hikes

Whether you find a level path around a local lake or forge your way through a mountain forest, take into account both of your skill and comfort levels before you make plans. Also consider the weather — fog and a slight drizzle might be romantic, freezing temps or a thunderstorm would be decidedly not. Pack some good snacks for hiking and plenty of water, and find a flat, hopefully sunny spot where you can relax for a bit and sneak in a kiss or two.

5. Playing Golf

Playing a round of golf is a great way to get outside while enjoying some friendly competition. Whether you walk all 18 holes or hop on a golf cart, taking in nature enhances the romantic bonding. While the competition will probably not be fierce, making a friendly (or romantic) wager can really help set the mood and draw you two together, all while spending a glorious morning or afternoon in nature.


What are your favorite romantic outdoor date ideas? Please share!


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