5 Mindset Shifts for Attracting the Right Partner

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attracting the right partner

Did you know that five mindset shifts will help in attracting the right partner? Watch the video to learn what they are.

Why do so many people find attracting the right partner so challenging? The answer lies in shifting your mindset in these five areas of your life. Watch the video below…

5 Mindset Shifts for Attracting the Right Partner

Mindset shift #1: From “I can’t have everything I WANT in a relationship” to “I can have everything I NEED in a relationship”

You’ve gone on so many dates with men who bore you or only want sex. You’ve been in relationships with men who hurt you. Now, you’ve done the inner work, changed your dating patterns for the better, and you’re thinking, “I don’t want to settle, and if I can’t have it all, why even bother dating?” I get it, but if you give up on what you NEED, you will not get it. That’s a guarantee. So shift your mindset to, “I can have it all if I know what I truly NEED in a mature healthy relationship.”

Mindset shift #2: From “What if he doesn’t like me” to “I am the chooser”

You finally meet a man you like. You’ve gone on a few dates. And now you’re worried you might screw it up. You ask yourself, “What if he doesn’t like me?” Without a mindset shift to “I am the chooser”, you realize you are worthy of love. When we stop listening to the negative voices in our heads, we stop second-guessing whether we’ve said or done enough on a date. We stop believing we’re not good enough for the men we are attracted to.

The inner critic must be tamed for you to show up as your most authentic wonderful self. Otherwise, your saboteurs will be in charge. That’s who will show up on dates. And that’s what will turn off the men you like.

Mindset shift #3: From “If I’m so great, why can’t I find a good man?” to “There are some things about dating and relationships I don’t yet know”

You’re smart. You’ve read books and articles and educated yourself about best dating practices. You’ve listened to podcasts, watched videos, and done everything you can to find love. 

But there are some things you don’t yet know. It’s hard to know what those things are. We need a relationship expert to help us see our love blocks. Maybe you judge men too quickly. Maybe you’re still looking for instant attraction. Maybe you’re not revealing enough of your warmer side on dates. You may be making friend-zone connections on dates, and wondering why men don’t call you back. Perhaps your guards are strong, because you don’t want to get hurt again. Or you have trouble speaking up when your feelings are hurt, so you keep everything in until you explode.

When you learn about your love blocks are and begin to practice new dating and relationship skills, you will naturally attract the right match for you.

Mindset shift #4: From “I’m super busy and don’t have time for a relationship” to “I will make love a priority right now” 

You’re busy with work, the gym, book club, learning a new language, traveling…. It’s wonderful to have a full life, but when you’re filling every moment, how can you date? Often, busyness is an excuse to cover up fear of getting hurt again, or wasting precious time with the wrong men. If you’re so busy that you’re not making love a priority, it will be almost impossible to find the right partner. Work on your fears and get out there and date, even if it is scary. Think about the outcome you want, even if you’ve never had a healthy relationship. When you imagine yourself in the arms of a man who cherishes you, the time it takes to date the wrong men to find the right one is so worth it.

Mindset shift #5: From “I don’t have the money to hire a relationship coach” to “I will find a way to invest in mentoring for my love life”

If you wanted to get in shape, you might hire a personal trainer who would push you harder and more efficiently than you might push yourself. Your trainer would keep you accountable to meet your fitness goals. It’s the same with hiring a coach for your love life. When you invest in something as important as finding an amazing partner and creating an epic love story for yourself, you will fastback your ability to find and keep the love you want. With the right support, you will be held accountable. You’ll learn what’s blocking you from the love you desire and deserve. And you’ll finally be able to find the partner you’ve been seeking – someone to support you and love you through good times and bad.

Which of these mindset shifts resonated most for you? Let me know in the comments.

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