5 Red Flags to Avoid When Dating After 40

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red flagsTechnology is ever-changing, and it’s a challenge to keep up with all the new social media tools out there. Most people my age are not even comfortable with Facebook—forget about Twitter and Google plus, Pinterest and Instagram!

I love learning about the latest in technology, and I’ve been intrigued by a new social media platform called Blab, defined as “a place to watch, join, and interact with live conversations about the topics that matter most to you.” It’s like a public Skype with up to four screens streaming live at the same time. Anyone can join and ask questions in the live chat. It’s super cool, and the quality is excellent.

I thought it would be a fantastic platform for sharing my message about smarter dating to a wider audience. So, I invited my good friend and colleague, Bobbi Palmer, CEO of Date Like a Grownup, to co-host a blab with me about the 5 dating red flags every woman over 40 should know before they get involved.

We spoke about which guys to avoid:

  1. Passive Paul. Keeps you tethered to email or text, but doesn’t ask you out. Or he says he doesn’t want a serious relationship. Believe him.
  2. Ex-bashing Ed. Talks bitterly about ex. You interrupt. He won’t stop. Or he blames her for his problems.
  3. Selfish Sam. It’s all about him. You meet at his favorite places, never yours. Won’t drive to see you. Won’t make any effort.
  4. Boorish Bob. He has poor manners. He’s rude to the wait staff. Makes you split the bill for a coffee or a bowl of soup.
  5. Vinnie the Victim. Nothing’s ever right. It’s everyone else’s fault.

Learn about the “even though’s”, the “pink flags”, and much more in the video below. Please share your comments. I’d love to know what you think!

5 Dating Red Flags Every Woman Over 40 Should Know BEFORE they Get Involved!




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