5 Signs You’re Emotionally Unavailable

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you're emotionally unavailable

Do you attract emotionally unavailable partners? You might be emotionally unavailable yourself. Check out these 5 signs.

If you consistently attract emotionally unavailable partners, chances are you’re emotionally unavailable, too. The causes of emotional unavailability could include an insecure attachment style or childhood trauma.

Learning to recognize the signs of emotional unavailability will help you begin to heal and form relationships that are more intimate and longer lasting with partners who are emotionally available as well. In this video, you’ll learn five signs that you’re emotionally unavailable and what you can do about it.

5 Signs You’re Emotionally Unavailable

What’s emotional unavailability?

An emotionally unavailable person has difficulty expressing or handling their own emotions and the emotions of others. This is why they struggle with getting close to the people they date. 

They might comes across as snobby or closed off at first, and they avoid vulnerable conversations, which keeps them from developing the deeper relationships they crave.

What causes emotional unavailability?

The most common cause of emotional unavailability is an insecure attachment style that developed in early childhood. When our caregivers don’t give us unconditional affection and emotional support or reprimand us for expressing our emotions (don’t cry, don’t be sad), we don’t have the skills to be in healthy relationships.  As adults, we tend to repeat this pattern in our romantic relationships.

Insecurely attached adults tend to be more independent physically and emotionally, and they have a harder time getting intimate with or relying on their romantic partners.

Emotional distance protects us from getting hurt, because if we don’t open up and be vulnerable, we can’t get hurt. But we also can’t be fully intimate and enjoy deeper relationships.

5 signs you’re emotionally unavailable

1. You avoid difficult conversations

2. You’re afraid of and/or avoid commitment

3. You often get defensive or reactive

4. You shut down or walk away when the going gets tough

5. You’re hard on yourself and the people you date

Do you identify with any or all of these five signs?

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