5 Signs You’re Unconsciously Sabotaging Relationships

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sabotaging relationships

Do you unconsciously sabotage relationships? Learn these 5 signs and the keys to finally find the love you want.

Are you unconsciously sabotaging relationships, wondering why your relationships don’t seem to work out? Everything seemed great until you began to fight…you didn’t feel heard, and he didn’t feel respected.

It’s easy to blame men for what’s gone wrong in your relationships. But, that doesn’t help you have the love you want. Many of us unconsciously sabotage our relationships. That’s because of our earliest experiences with our caretakers/parents. That’s where we learn how to view relationships. Our core beliefs are forged in childhood. But, it’s never too late to heal from our childhood wounds and feel worthy of the love we want. Recognizing these 5 signs can help save your future relationships.

5 Signs You’re Unconsciously Sabotaging Relationships

  1. Having Unrealistic Expectations: Do you expect men to be your knight in shining armor-the planner/provider/hero, or do you expect them to not come through for you? Are you often disappointed in men, finding fault in the things he says or does? If you’re consistently disappointed or expect too much from your partner, you probably set your expectations too high or too low, which will sabotage your relationships.
  2. Not Trusting: If you often distrust your partner without reason, searching his phone or emails? Do you believe he’s often lying without evidence? You may be unconsciously sabotaging relationships with mistrust.
  3. Not Speaking Up: A healthy relationship requires good open communication. Do you hide your feelings and needs from your partner? Do you go along with what he wants and needs because you want to avoid conflict? When you don’t speak up and speak your true feelings and needs, you’re not being true to YOU. Often, the feelings well up inside, and you either explode in anger, or you leave the relationship without talking things through. This is how many women sabotage their relationships.
  4. Losing Yourself in Relationships: If you compromise your needs to accommodate your partner’s, over time you lose yourself. It’s crucial to have both partner’s needs met in relationships, and when you can speak up and set boundaries, you have healthier relationships.
  5. Choosing the Wrong Partners: There are men who are not trustworthy, dependable, and accountable. Some people have serious character flaws, and no matter what you do or say, you will not be able to have a healthy relationship with these men. Why do we attract unhealthy partners? They are familiar to us. Our childhood experiences determine our attraction. We often choose a partner who’s most like the most unhealthy parent we had. We unconsciously try to heal that parent relationship with a partner who mimics that parent. We don’t believe we are worthy of a healthy relationship.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships

Coaching or therapy can help uncover the patterns from childhood that are stopping you from having the love you want. You’ll learn to replace the negative beliefs from childhood with positive and more realistic healthier beliefs.

You can heal past pain, develop a healthier belief in your worth, accept and honor who you are, deal with disappointment and expectations in a healthier way, and communicate and set boundaries with everyone you meet.

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