The 5-Step Method to Living a Blissful Life

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Feeling frustrated with your life? Can’t seem to find lasting love? Follow Susan Ball’s 5-step method to living a blissful life. 


My radio guest, Susan Ball, is the founder & CEO of Broken to Blissful™. She’s a living example of someone who went from broken to living a blissful life. An international speaker and author, Susan speaks from experience as a survivor of an abusive relationship. She brings her intuition along with proven strategies to her work. Susan is a regular contributor to LifeGrid, Huffington Post and Thrive magazines, and dreams of living off the grid in her ‘Tiny Wrecky House’. 

Check out highlights of our radio show below on How to Go From Broken to Living a Blissful Life.

The 5 Step Method to Living a Blissful Life

What inspired you to do the work you do?

I had a series of abusive relationships; emotional, verbal, and then finally one that was violently abusive. After I left, I asked myself, “what is the common denominator in all these relationships?” The answer was…me! I was somehow putting out energy that was attracting nasty manipulative people. 

When I dug deeper, I realized it was a pattern from my childhood. I had been abandoned. Whenever a man said, “I love you”, i jumped into the relationship.

Now, I help women by starting with some powerful questions; “What is it you want in life?” and “What are you missing in your life?”

All the answers usually point to a childhood wound. As you drill down, ask the tough questions about the adults from your childhood; teachers, parents, any adults who were influential in your past. 

What’s your process for finding and replacing what’s missing in your life?

I had a broken heart from my abandonment issues. I went back to the hurt, not to blame, but to release it. Understanding, learning, knowing that my parents did what they felt was right at the time. That puts it into perspective. It helps to release and forgive. It doesn’t happen instantly. It’s a process you must go through to heal.

You say it’s important to let go of why. What do you mean by that?

My abuse happened in Ontario. When the police charged him, they put me into mandatory group counseling. What I observed is that we all told our stories over and over. And then we talked about the ‘why’. I quickly recognized that when you ask somebody why they did something bad to you, the only answer will be an excuse. We keep ourselves attached to the abuser, and it slows down our recovery, and we reflect on his issues, not our feelings

When you take responsibility for your process, you are also responsible for your own joy. You’re not looking for other people to fulfill or complete you. Don’t look to others to bring you joy and happiness. Heal yourself, and then look for a partner to co-create a future for you. You’re more apt to move on, let go, and be able to have tough conversations.

What’s your 5-step method to go from broken to living a blissful life?

It’s an acronym: GRACE!

  1. Gratitude: Be grateful for what is good in your life, no matter what.
  2. Release: Let go of the why and forgive.
  3. Authenticity: When you can say yes or no with equal grace and ease, you are authentic. When dating, instead of hoping he likes you, ask yourself, “What value does he add to my life?” You will assess a man’s value from your perspective, not his.
  4. Challenge: There will be challenges. Look ahead and think of what you need to do to get out from your challenges.
  5. Embrace: Embrace the joy and fun, and awaken your potential. If you’re coming out of a toxic relationship, your self worth suffers. When you awaken to your authentic self, you will know: “I am worthy!”

Go to Susan’s website and order a copy of her new book, Courage and Grace.

Listen to the entire episode here.

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