5 Surprising Benefits of Rejection 

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benefits of rejection

When someone rejects you, it feels terrible at first, but there are also surprising benefits of rejection. Here are my top 5!

What are the benefits of rejection? If you’ve ever felt the sting of someone rejecting you after a first date or at the end of a relationship, it’s hard to see the benefits. In this video, I’m sharing my top five, so you can see rejection as redirection, reflection, and protection!

5 Surprising Benefits of Rejection  

What can you learn from rejection?

These are the key lessons outlined in the video:

1. Rejection promotes motivation: You might feel cast out or discarded after someone ‘rejects’ you. Often, our highest motivation comes from our deepest pain. We discover what values were important to us after rejection — respect? communication? kindness? These are important motivators as you move on to the next person you date.

2. Rejection provides empathy: When we feel the sting of rejection, we can gain more empathy for the people we date. Perhaps we become a little more clear and kind in our communication if we’re not feeling it’s a good match. Our vulnerability and pain teach us empathy for others.

3. Rejection teaches patience: Dating is about the long game. The more you’re rejected or you reject others, the more refined your search becomes. You slow down. You become more patient on your journey to lasting love.

4. Rejection leads to self-growth: If you can take a step back after rejection and realize it happens for your benefit, you are able to let go of trying to control the outcome of every date and every relationship. You begin to let go of ego and connect with dates without an agenda. That’s self-growth.

5. Rejection opens the door for a better fit: The final benefit of rejection is that it leads to someone who is a better fit for you. It’s a redirection, not the end of the road.

When you learn and grow from rejection, you will develop a thicker skin, which is so important in dating. You won’t take every ‘no’ as a personal affront, and you’ll realize that rejection is merely a redirection.

benefits of rejection

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