5 Ways to Create the Perfect First Date

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first dateIn a survey on TopDatingTips.com, 59 percent of participants said it’s difficult to find someone you really like, and 62 percent think people’s expectations of each other are too high. So when you do find someone you really like and you decide to go on a date, give it a boost by creating a first date to remember. The idea is to foster a unique experience that will make enough of an impression to secure a second date with him or her.


5 Ways to Create the Perfect First Date

1. Have a picnic with a twist

Breathe new life into the traditional picnic idea with a boost of innovation. Pack a couple of kites and tap into your playful side with a silly contest. Make up your own rules like whoever’s kite barrels into the ground first gets to eat all the dessert. The idea is to give you and your date something fun to focus on while getting to know each other. Add a romantic element to the picnic by packing sparkling cider, fresh flowers or some music loaded up on your smartphone to set the tone.


2. Arm yourself with ice breakers

Coming prepared for a first date isn’t just about picking a great activity or restaurant. Make a short list of the things you already know about your date like what he or she does for a living and their hobbies. If you don’t know much about these things, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask. Also, if you’re nervous, come armed with a few ice breakers to avoid any painful pauses. Think about your go-to stories and jokes that always seem to make a splash whether you’re talking to a good friend or a stranger at a party, but steer clear of potentially offensive jokes until you know their personality better.


3. Make it funny

There’s no better way to diffuse anxieties and relax than laughing together with your date. If you’re on the east coast and in close proximity to NYC, scour the event listings for an off-off-Broadway comedy. If not, an improv show where the audience participates is a fun date idea and guarantees not having to struggle for something to talk about. Grab some drinks before the show and make a game of the pre-show. Try to guess which people are likely to laugh until they cry, or who looks like a heckler and who looks like they might faint if asked to participate. By the time you leave the show, you and your date will have some inside jokes and an appreciation for each other’s sense of humor.


4. Bucket list check-off

Imagine if you eventually fell in love by beginning with doing something from your bucket list on your first date. It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world, but ask him or her if they’re adventurous enough to sing in front of a crowd at a karaoke bar. If not, what can you two can tackle on each other’s bucket lists? Sharing a fun, out-of-the-box experience can help you get to know one another, and if nothing else, makes for a unique date.


5. Embrace awkward moments

All awkward moments aren’t created equal and should be handled on a case-by-case basis. If your date is nervous and struggles for conversation, let them know that’s just part of the fun of getting to know each other. Make your date feel at ease by coming prepared with conversation starters, and don’t be afraid to admit that you’re nervous. First date jitters can be the highest form of flattery, and vulnerability is the best way to get close to someone.

Do you have any fun first date ideas to add to this list?

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