The 6 Keys to Spiritual Dating

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spiritual datingWhat’s spiritual dating? My radio guest, Jill Crosby, talked about the difference between spiritual dating and mainstream dating. She is the owner and founder of the largest exclusively spiritual/conscious dating site on the Internet, She is a dynamic public speaker, workshop/retreat leader and hypnotherapist. She communicates with dolphins and whales and facilitates Wild Dolphin and Whale Swim Retreats for Singles. She also is the owner and founder of the international events site, and lives in beautiful, sacred Mount Shasta, California. Following are loosely transcribed highlights of our radio segment, The 6 Keys to Spiritual Dating. 

How is Spiritual Dating different from mainstream dating?

It’s more from the heart, about being real and authentic. It’s about being present and letting go of preconceived expectations. How to let go of any expectations? When you’re present and listening, you are there for the other person. Instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next or I can relate to that, etc. If you’re thinking of what you’re going to say, you’re not listening. When you listen, you hold the container for them to be heard. Stay in your heart and be present. Listen completely.

That creates a safe space. See their beauty and divinity even if you don’t feel chemistry.

What to do if a man talks and talks and doesn’t ask you any questions? 

Let him talk for a while, and then interrupt him. Be 100% honest. Tell him what you’re feeling in the moment in a nice way. I’m really enjoying your story. And I’m feeling like this is a one sided conversation right now. I’d enjoy it if we could have more of a back and forth conversation.

Echart Tolle talks about “BEING PRESENT” as being a main key to “Spiritually Living”, and you write about it in your article, “The 6 Keys to Spiritual Dating”, why is being present so important when dating?

1. Remembering our divinity. The divine aspect of ourselves helps us love and embrace all aspects of ourselves. When we do this, we come from a healthy fulfilled place.

2. Be present and open. This goes for whenever you’re meeting people, not just dating. if you’re on line in the grocery store, you’ll appreciate the people you meet, no matter who they are.

3. Be realistic. Let go of types or preconceived ideas of what people should look like. Throw Barbie and Ken out the window. Feel the soul of somebody. Let go of the programming that society has expected of you.

4. Let your guard down and be authentic. When you’re true to yourself, you’re going to magnetize your true match.

5. Listening. In order to connect deeply, it’s important to listen and be present to the person you’re dating.

6. Staying in the flow. This involves being in our heart and present. Go by your inner guidance and listen to where you should be in each moment. Use your intuition. If you get a strong pull to say or do something, do it.

Listen to/download the episode here.

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