7 Awesome Ways For You to Meet Men Offline

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meet men offlineIf you don’t go online to meet men, where do you go? Here are 7 ways to meet men offline!

I recently taught a master class to my Inner Circle about how to meet men offline. I opened up the call, which is part of a paid monthly program, at no cost to my entire list. One of my followers, Catherine Ross, 62-years-old, wrote to tell me that while she appreciated the offer to join the call, she has no trouble meeting men offline. I asked, “What’s your secret to attracting men offline? I’d love to hear. Sounds like you’ve got that secret sauce, feminine grace?”

Her answer was chock full of wonderful ideas, so I asked if I could share them with you. With her permission, here are Catherine’s fantastic tips for meeting men offline. I’ve edited them slightly to make it easier to find the tips, but otherwise, this is Catherine in her full goddess man-magnet glory. 

7 Awesome Ways For You to Meet Men Offline

Dear Sandy,

I am laughing and smiling at your question, and yes I am flattered. I think you are fantastic, sincere and so very helpful in many respects vs. numerous dating coaches. You are forever writing something of substance and over-delivering, and this is much appreciated!

What helps me and may help others (I assume we are speaking of the 50-70 age range?) is a number of things:

#1. Attitude

Attitude is about 90%, right? So develop a confident, sassy, friendly, ‘comfortable in your own skin’ attitude that clearly says, “I am a package deal, and what you see is what you get.” 

NEVER stop rocking your attitude even when you think it doesn’t matter. Because, guess what? It ALWAYS matters! As an example, yesterday, most people would have had a bad attitude and a ‘poor me’ attitude. I began my day with full intentions of doing a spectacular muscle and strength training class only to walk outside to my vehicle and sigh when I saw that my right front tire was as flat as a pancake.

Fast forward to hours of sitting in a tire store. Totally messed up my day. Had to cancel two clients and sat and sat and sat.

Went by Lowe’s on the way home to the garden center and was walking down the aisle when I met a very handsome man with wavy gray hair. He said, “You are such a pretty woman. Gorgeous, in fact.”  “What?” I replied as I laughed and thanked him. How could that possibly be? Honestly, I had a few bad days and not washed my hair for 5 days! Guess what I was wearing? Black yoga pants/black active wear top. Hair up/head Band. RELAXED and FUN! I had on just a little make-up, but it was my playful, friendly, relaxed, confident, “I know my way around Lowe’s Garden Center!” attitude. 

#2. Feminine Grace

I have been told for many moons how feminine, elegant, graceful, gracious, and KIND and generous I am to everyone! Without fail, be KIND, Appreciative, Cheerful, Gracious, Respectful, and FUN to be around. Men like playful, fun,sassy, confident, feminine, friendly, comfortable, energetic women.

#3. Join a Senior/Community Center

If you have a senior center or community center in your area, join immediately if not sooner. One person introduces you to another and another and then another and it is a cannon ball effect.

And don’t be afraid to work out where the men do! I lift free weights and do a couple of machines. So I have now bonded with the men of the senior center and become the “token girl” at the age of 62.  And introduce yourself and repeat and repeat their names until you get it right.

#4. Be Interested in People Wherever You Go

I am a graduate of Dale Carnegie Training (1992), and it forever changed my life. Profound. Humanitarian. Kind. Generous. Friendly. Supportive. Phenomenal. These are adjectives that come to mind. Be INTERESTED in people wherever you go and they will in turn be interested in you.

Early this morning, I was walking around the loop/perimeter of the Senior Center and a hot BMW pulls up, he rolled down the window and said, “Ah, Catherine with a “C”…how is she?” Priceless! I had made a point of introducing myself with something memorable, and he teases me every time he sees me. Sandy, I have been chuckling all day at this one!

#5. Feel Great in Your Clothes

Feel great in your clothes, whatever it is that you are wearing. I began coaching people way back in the 1980’s on how to “Act, Walk, Talk, and Get Hired.” No different now in this century. The only thing that has changed is the attire and the time. [When out on a date], you are NOT interviewing for a job, but you are interviewing for Romance/Love.

#6. Do ‘Feel Good’ Exercises to Radiate Your Magnificence

The attitude and the whole package idea, “I am a radiant appealing goddess who is rocking it out and attracting my hot wabi-sabi soulmate and husband sooner rather than later” never dies. Feel it. Breathe It. Believe it. Dance it. Do It.

If women are not doing some kind of ‘feel good exercise’, they are not increasing their own feel-good endorphins, increasing their own physical well-being, increasing their own magnet attraction factor, and increasing their confidence.

It was not always this way for me. I have been ill/compromised in prior years, and now I’m rocking it out once again. AND this is what I want for every one of your readers, Sandy! 

#7. The Church, the Grocery Store, and Other Places to Meet Men

And then there is church and grocery stores, art gallery walks on the first Friday of the month, etc.  I even go to downtown Charleston alone to walk and I am forever meeting up with some interesting people!

Yes, I am asked out frequently by men that I am not attracted to, but guess what? Even those ‘undesirable’ ones are good ones because I am still being me no matter what, and practice makes perfect! 

With Joy, Appreciation, and Gratitude,

Catherine Ross

Don’t you love Catherine’s energy and positive attitude? What did you learn from her 7 tips? Please share in the comments below. And if you have any additional awesome ways to meet men, please post them, too!


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