7 Ways to Become a Girlfriend Who’s Into Sports

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girlfriend who's into sports

Learning to become a girlfriend who’s into sports can help your relationship. Here’s how…

Unless you’re already a fan, developing an appreciation for sports may seem as fun as visiting the dentist. But if you are currently dating or want to date a sports fan, consider that two of the most important factors in long-lasting romantic relationships are enjoying new activities and spending time together.

If you give it a chance, learning to enjoy sports can become a fun way to spend time with the man in your life, and it may even help you stay together. Here are a few ways to upgrade your game:

7 Ways to Become a Girlfriend Who’s Into Sports

1. Learn the Fundamentals of the Sport

It’s hard to appreciate something you don’t understand. Avoid asking awkward questions during a dramatic fumble (like “What just happened?”) that only distract and annoy the man on this side of the screen. Instead, learn some of the basic rules and concepts of the sport, so you can carry on a conversation about it during commercials. Check out www.nfl.com for basic football rules, www.football-bible.com for soccer and www.fiba.com for basketball.

2. Drink a Little Wine

Wine makes everything — even ESPN — more fun. And according to wine writer Anthony Giglio, some wines pair quite well with the typical game day snack food. Try Lambrusco with Doritos or a sauvignon blanc with Cheetos.

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Try whipping up some creative and classy finger foods to make watching the game a special weekend event. Play with recipes that feature a refined twist on a classic, like homemade soft pretzels or guacamole with cumin-dusted tortilla chips. He will appreciate your culinary effort, and you will feel rewarded for being involved in the game-watching experience.

4. Use This as an Opportunity to Cuddle

Hours of sports commentary might not be your favorite thing to watch, but it does provide an excellent, uninterrupted opportunity for holding hands. Or exchanging a massage. Or playing footsie.

5. Cheer for Someone

Watching sports is much more rewarding when you’re invested in the success of a real person. Spend some time researching at least one good player from your local professional sports team. Get interested in the player’s background, successes, challenges and possibilities for the future. This way when you watch his team play, your cheers when they win and your depression when they lose will be genuine.

6. Dress the Part

Once you’ve chosen a favorite player, wear something cute that will show your support for the team. You might want to buy a V-neck jersey or lounge pants that feature the team name from stores like Kohl’s or Old Navy. This can be a great opportunity to show your man the casual, laid-back side of your personality.

7. Bring Your A-Game to the Stadium

Going to a live game is one of the easiest ways to appreciate the game. Surprise your man with tickets to see his favorite team play, but make sure to purchase your tickets from a reputable vendor like Ticketmaster’s Official NFL Exchange to ensure their authenticity.


Just to be clear, we’re not advocating that you fake it, or become a sports fanatic, which could be slightly emasculating, according to ESPN’s Stacey Pressman. But taking a little ownership and deriving some pleasure from watching sports can help you connect with your man. Who knows? Maybe next weekend he’ll return the favor and take you to a chick flick!


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