Learn how to speak up when feelings are hurt!

Are you uncomfortable speaking up in a relationship when feelings are hurt? How difficult is it for you to ask for what you need - without feeling needy?

Perhaps you're not sure how to express your true feelings in a relationship. Maybe you're afraid if you speak the truth, you might be rejected or the words will come out wrong.

Maybe you've been told you're too sensitive, that you should just 'get over it' and stuff your feelings. 

YOUR NEEDS MATTER...and they are NOT needy!

Communication skills are essential in any relationship. They empower you to have honest open relationships, and that leads to the EPIC love you deserve.

I'm Sandy Weiner, dating and relationship coach and communications expert, and the founder of Last First Date. I've been teaching communication and boundary skills for almost two decades.

Whether you're currently in a relationship or you're single and dating, these communication skills will change your life. Get your cheat sheet, 8 Steps for Having a Tough Conversation so you can:

  • Process your feelings and needs
  • Get out of judgment
  • Gain clarity about what the REAL issues are
  • Speak up with confidence and connection...no matter what!

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