8 Surprising Signs it’s a Great Relationship

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great relationship

Have I found the one? Are they right for me? Here are 8 signs it’s a great relationship…

“Enjoy yourself—that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are for learning the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.”

—Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City: The Movie

Maybe this is a good way of looking at it. Just like many singles over 40, you realize that now you are actually in the prime of your life and start to enjoy being back in the game no matter what age you are! You’re free, slightly older, probably slightly richer, and the world is now your oyster. Now it is your time to find your perfect companion, despite any previous marriage fails which have now made you a relationship expert. Just remember lessons are there to be learned!

So you’re back in the dating game ,and you think you’ve got your perfect potential partner, but what are the signs that this relationship will last? Have I found the one? Are they right for me?

8 Surprising Signs it’s a Great Relationship

#1. You’re Not Scared of Being Hurt:

Let’s just get the most important sign out the way first. Everyone has had the fear of being hurt or has felt the anxiety of the thought of your partner breaking your heart. Trusting each other completely is key to all great relationships. The feeling of security and the lack of anxiety are signs that you’ve found the one. This could be the person you’re spending the rest of your life with, and you need to make sure your partner won’t hurt you on purpose.


#2. Love but Hate:

You feel your blood boiling and he’s driving you CRAZY, but then a few hours later, you feel warm and loving! He may do some really really stupid things, and you just want to jump out of your chair and shake him, He knows how to push your buttons, and you sometimes actually wonder if he’s doing this on purpose. Sounds like a negative, but The Opposite of Love is not Hate but Indifference. [It’s natural for people who love one another to feel triggered from time to time. As long as you can work things out, this is not a real concern.]


#3. Ability to Communicate Effectively:

Being in love makes you want to communicate with your partner, no matter how big or small the issue is. This is what makes communication key. A relationship without communication will fail, FACT! Overlooking the need of communication in a relationship will cause two people to drift apart. A balanced relationship means feeling comfortable discussing anything with your partner. You should be able to listen and support one another.


#4. EX who?

So your ex who cheated on your or broke your heart by pretending you didn’t even exist is now nothing to you. Your obsession has gone out the window and the hurt and anger have disappeared. Months and months of emotions are in the past. This is because you’re in a healthy relationship and someone else has taken over all of your thoughts.


#5. Fight, Fight, Fight!

No relationship is healthy without a few arguments here and there, no matter what anyone says! If you DON’T argue in relationships, then you are holding some sort of emotion or issues back. If you are in a healthy successful relationship, you fight productively and fairly. This means avoiding any verbal and physical abuse, no name calling and keeping your cool. Remember, if you’re wrong, stop scoring points and apologize!


#6. Happiness is what makes relationships thrive.

You can’t explain why you’re always happy! All of a sudden you feel giddy and light-hearted! It’s like you’re a different person, and people around you are noticing. It should be like a happiness you have never experienced before, and if you’re not feeling like that right now, you need to have another look at why you’re in the relationship.


#7. Time apart:

You know they say…’Absence makes the heart grow fonder’! So if you’re worried that your other half likes to spend time away from you, don’t be. I know this may be a surprising fact, but spending time apart gives each other breathing space. This allows your loved one to be secure outside of the relationship with their own identity. Also, spending time apart can reignite attraction, which is a definite plus!


#8. Are you doing enough?

It’s not fair for one person to carry the relationship. You may not have had time to stop and think to yourself ‘Am I in a one sided relationship?’ This may come as a surprise to you as it does to several others when they have time to think. One of the most important signs of a great relationship is that you both feel the work load and financial load is evenly split between you.

Are you in a great relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship where one of these 8 signs was missing? Please share your thoughts below. 

This article was written by Jonathan Bird, Managing Director at Singles Warehouse, one of the largest singles online dating sites in the UK with over 2 million registered members and an online dating blog covering all the important questions like What to do if you’ve slept with him too soon, 20 Sex positions you have to try and How to deal with relationship uncertainty.


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