A New Years Ritual for 2022

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New Years resolutions don’t usually work. This ritual will help you ring in the New Year in a much more effective way.

Forget New Years resolutions. They don’t usually work. We make big commitments and lose momentum within a short time. I recommend you do this ritual instead. Watch this video to learn how. (Thanks to Terri Cole and Tim Ferriss for the inspiration).

Create a Year in Review New Years Ritual

Make three lists.

LIST #1: All the stuff you want to leave behind in 2021

List the people, experiences, regrets, big and small disappointments, bad dates, relationships that didn’t work out, time you wasted doing things that you didn’t want to do, etc. Narrow that list down, and make a not-to-do list and post it where you’ll see throughout next year, to remind yourself what to NOT repeat.

LIST #2: The stuff you’re proud of that happened in 2021

What did you learn, what friendships did you make (or let go of), what fears did you overcome, what are you celebrating, how did you show up in a more authentic way on dates, etc. Create a list of all that you’re celebrating from this year.

LIST #3: What you want to create in 2022

In all parts of your life, not just love, what do you want to create in 2022? How do you want it to look and feel?
Create that list. For extra accountability, put those items in your calendar and schedule them.

BONUS: Post your lists in the comments below.

Have a wonderful 2022!

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