A Positive Outlook on Dating at Midlife

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positive attitude about dating at midlifeIf you’re over forty and dating, congratulations! You are at an advantage over your younger friends. It may not always feel that way, but there are definite pluses to dating in midlife. Hopefully, you are wiser and more sure of yourself and what you want in a relationship. You have accomplished many of your big life goals, and you are dating with a healthier attitude. If you need a little boost, here are some positive ways to look at dating in midlife.

A positive outlook on dating at midlife

1. You can get a quick read on your date (and save yourself time and heartache).¬†By this age, you’ve hopefully sharpened your intuitive read on people. You’ve been in enough relationships to know people pretty well. You’ve been burnt enough times that you’ve learned to be more careful with whom you entrust your heart. One way to get to know a date quickly is by how he talks about his kids, his ex, his friends. Does he call when he says he will? Was he on time for the date? And if he was running late, did he have a good excuse and keep you posted? Pay attention to the small details and the first conversations. It’s crucial to see your date with eyes wide open, not ‘wishful thinking brain’. The first few conversations and dates reveal most of what you need to know, so pay attention!

Pay attention to the small details and the first conversations.

2. You maintain a full and balanced life. In midlife, you are probably pretty settled in many areas of your life; work, kids, relationships with friends you trust and love. You’re seeking a relationship with a man for different reasons than in your twenties. If you’ve already been married and have kids, you are not looking for a father for your children. You are looking for a partner for yourself, to enhance the full life you lead right now. If you’re not feeling fulfilled in other areas of your life, now is a great time to take stock. A relationship with a man should be a ‘want’, not a ‘need’. When you approach dating from that perspective, you’ll have much more success. You’ll radiate positive energy, which is a man-magnet!

You are looking for a partner for yourself, to enhance the full life you lead right now.

3. You date with the right attitude. Healthy dating is all about attitude. If you date with the mindset of ‘I look forward to making new connections’, you’ll have much more success. Bring curiosity and wonder to a date, not evaluation and judgment ~ and the big ‘is he the one’. You can’t know a future until you have a present. So, stay present and find out a few things about your date.

* One interesting thing you have in common (a hobby, an activity, a favorite book/movie) 
* One goofy thing about each another 
* One thing you’d like to learn more about him

Take a moment today to celebrate all the positives about dating in midlife. And bring that good attitude with you on every date. Confidence and positivity are sexy!

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