A Relationship Milestone: Your First Weekend Getaway Together

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The two of you have been dating for a while now. You’ve had romantic dinners, allowing you to learn more about each other and explore the extent of your compatibility. Now you’ve reached the time where you and your significant other are ready for your first weekend getaway. Here are a list of places and activities that make for wonderful and memorable getaways.

4 Tips for Your First Weekend Getaway Together

1. The Great Outdoors

If you are both nature enthusiasts, head to the great outdoors for some camping and hiking. Car camping is an easy way to start, compared to longer, more strenuous backpacking trips. As you venture out for your outdoor trek, make sure you are equipped with a tent that is suitable for whatever weather you may encounter. Bring along some cooking gear—like a camp stove and durable enamelware dishes. Rather than stocking up on food prior to departure, take time to stop at road-side fruit and produce stands and enjoy the local delights. The two of you could put your fishing skills to the test if you’re camping near water, and even catch your own dinner.

2. Beachside Escape

If you live near the coast, rent out a romantic beach cabin for the weekend, where the two of you can enjoy the sun and the surf. To make the experience an active and exciting one, rent paddle boards or surf kayaks for a recreational adventure. Engaging in a sporty activity together where you have to harness the forces of nature and utilize your skill and strength, will force you to work together as a team and, in turn, strengthen your bond. During the evenings, have a beach bonfire where you can cook dinner or lounge by the flickering flames. Bring along some cards or two-person board games for you to play during the quiet hours between your active beach adventures.

3. Road Trip

Some say that a road trip is the ultimate test of a relationship, as it can be full of unexpected twists and turns that force you to combine efforts and navigate as a team. It is a fun and exciting way to get out of your hometown and explore multiple destinations. When taking a road trip, try to utilize back roads or the smaller highways instead of large interstates. The Pacific Coast Highway, for example, is a picturesque route that runs along the rugged coast of California, Oregon and Washington. Many cute, quaint towns are scattered along the highway with unique, local attractions to visit. Road trips allow you to incorporate a multifaceted itinerary of sights including natural vistas, as well as urban, cultural hubs and small-town gems. To ensure that neither of you receives an embarrassing traffic ticket from highway patrol, brush up on the rules of the road before hitting the highway.

4. Explore A New City

Fly to a city that neither of you have been to and explore the food, art, and culture of this unfamiliar environment. Rather than stay at a crowded hotel in a crowded urban-center, opt for a neighborhood Airbnb apartment to get a genuine experience of the city’s vibe. Having your own vacation house or apartment allows you to have more privacy and flexibility. You can save money with a vacation home, since it usually has its own kitchen and laundry facilities for you to utilize. Roam around the city and check out its novel offerings of museums and performance centers. Do a little research before you embark on your foray to find if the city has any fun, instructional classes that you and your significant other can take. Look for local-centric classes like a comedy improv class in Los Angeles, an aerial trapeze class in New York, a barbecue cooking class in Austin, or a coffee-making class in Seattle. Learning a new skill in a new place will be a memory neither of you will forget.


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