A Stand-Up Comic Dishes on Dating in Midlife

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Gail Forrest is a stand-up comic who knows what it’s like to date in midlife. Listen to this episode to hear the humor in dating at this stage in life.

Author, stand-up comic (*Second City), entrepreneur, humorist, dating expert, and blogger Gail Forrest knows how to make you laugh – at her, at yourself, at others, and especially at her sharp, provocative and memorable declarations (and videos) about online dating after fifty. She joined me on Last First Date Radio to talk about the humor that can be found when dating in midlife. 

Check out highlights below for EP 383: A Stand-Up Comic Dishes on Dating in Midlife.

A Stand-Up Comic Dishes on Dating in Midlife

How did you become a stand-up comic?

I started by writing a blog ‘Gonepausal’ about midlife, and menopause, and all the things that happen to us. My friends laughed, and it mushroomed from there. I turned my blogs into videos and put them up on
Instagram. Then I tried Second City and spent last summer there. Now I do open mikes.

How do men in midlife feel about dating?

I asked a [male] friend who’s dating, and he struggles with dating successful women. He likes interesting women, but they have to keep it in the framework of femininity. Another man said opposites don’t attract. You’re looking for someone with similar interests. [Sandy: I had a lot to say about this. Listen in to hear my point of view as a dating coach]

Tell us your best dating in midlife story.

At one point, I labeled myself as the ‘queen of one date’. I’ll go out on a date, and the less attracted I am, they’ll talk to me for three or four hours. And then I never hear from them again. That baffles me. Some men have read my book and came to the date with a list of questions.

I had a man I dated who said I didn’t like sex. He was the worst kisser. I am the queen of kissing. I let him accuse me of not liking sex, which is not true. I never said he was a crappy kisser.

A lot of men are nervous that I write about my dates. Men are called lucky for dating someone younger, and women are wild cats. That’s not fair.

What advice do you have for women who want to go on their last first date?

Be who you are, don’t be a big surprise. It’s tough to be the soft, feminine person. Remember when we were a little more coquettish and feminine. Parse the profiles online. If they like things you’re against, don’t go on a date.Why start with obstacles? And keep going, keep trying. Try to get people to put their phones away. Don’t dismiss men as friends if they don’t turn out to be relationship material.

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