Do you want to finally find EPIC love after 40?


You might be wondering why it’s so hard to find a good man. Well, I have good news for you. He’s out there. And my courses will help you find him and create a deep loving connection with a high value man.


With these courses, you’ll learn how to:

  • Become a more effective dater

  • Understand and communicate with men

  • Overcome fears in dating and relationships

  • Set clear boundaries


I’ve broken it down into easy to follow steps to help you attract the love you deserve—without all the heartbreak and effort. These DIY courses (and book) are designed for you to advance at your own pace.


Over a decade of research and coaching wrapped into packages you can afford. Because I want you to go on your LAST FIRST DATE!

ace the date book coverAce the Date 

Are You Ready to Get Out of First Date Hell and Into a Relationship With a Fantastic Man?

  • Are you sick of going on dates that feel like a WASTE OF TIME and aren’t leading you to the relationship you want?
  • Are the men you’re attracted to NOT ASKING FOR A 2ND DATE, while the needy or boring guys can’t wait to see you again?
  • Are you NOT GETTING ASKED OUT at all and wonder why?

If the interesting, charming, attractive men are disappearing after one date or not asking you out, it’s NOT because something is wrong with you. There are just some things you don’t yet know.

In this course, dating coach, Bobbi Palmer and I will show you the REAL reasons why this is happening in your life—and how you can instantly turn your dating success around with some new information and easy to implement steps.

You’ll learn how to be optimistic about dating and ENJOY it, because you’ll be attracting the men you like and want. And you’ll do it WITHOUT MANIPULATION and WITHOUT ACTING. In fact, you’ll do it just by being YOU! LEARN MORE…


A Successful Woman’s Guide to Epic Love 

What Made You Successful in Business May Be Stopping You From Getting the Love You Want!

What if you could…

  •  ATTRACT MEN who meet you on all levels
  •  Reconnect to your SENSUALITY and inspire a man to fall in love with you
  • Balance your work success with SUCCESS AT LOVE!



This program, led by Love Coach, Sandy Weiner, and Sexuality Expert, Dr. Saida Désilets, will support you to magnetize the man you deeply desire through connecting deeply with your sensuality and balancing your work success with your feminine grace. LEARN MORE…


how to talk to men coverHow to Talk to Men 

Wouldn’t You Love to Know Exactly What to Say to Men…to Have the Deepest, Most Authentic Relationships?

What if you could…

  •  UNDERSTAND MEN and know what they REALLY WANT in a relationship. (It’s not what you think.)
  •  Know WHAT TO SAY to inspire a man to put his arms around you and want to DO ANYTHING TO PLEASE YOU. (When you know these things, you will be irresistible to him!)
  • Always know the exact words that will CONNECT TO A MAN’S HEART-ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR FEELINGS ARE HURT.



With this course, you will no longer be at a loss for words when you’re feeling the most vulnerable. You’ll know what to say and how to say it, and he’ll actually listen and respond! LEARN MORE…


overcoming fears in dating book coverOvercoming Fears in Dating and Relationships

Have Your Fears Held You Back From Going on Dates or Getting Close to Men you Like?

Fear and love can’t coexist. If you have been too afraid to date, or you’re afraid of getting hurt again, it will be difficult for you to attract love into your life. Your heart will not be open to love.Whether you’re afraid for your physical or emotional safety, fears can keep you from the intimate relationship you yearn for.This mini-course will help you overcome your dating and relationship fears, so you can open your heart to the men who value you, the men who are safe to date, the men who will cherish and love you. When you overcome your fears, you will be able to attract in your forever love.


This course will:

Help you identify your most pressing dating and relationship fears.

Give you actionable tips to help you move past your fears towards the relationship you desire and deserve LEARN MORE…



51no5Dg6etLThe Secrets to Setting Healthy Boundaries in Dating: A Guide to Dating With Dignity

Stop driving yourself crazy OR letting the people you date drive you bonkers! Discover the secrets to staying sane while looking for lasting love.

In this eBook, Martial Arts expert, Theresa Byrne, and I have compiled a list of “The Top 20 Tips” you need to know for how to set clear boundaries in dating. We’ve also given you the “Boundaries in Your Back Pocket Blueprint”—quick scripts for what to say when you’re feeling unsure, but you know you need to draw the line!

We share the secrets to not only why you need to set limits, but some of the best ways to set them. It’s all based on decades of practical field research by a martial arts/defense and boundary setting expert and a dating coach who use these tools in their teaching and in their lives. LEARN MORE…