Are You Compromising or Settling?

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compromising or settling

Are you compromising or settling? If you’ve ever felt like you compromise too much or settle for the wrong person, watch this video.

Every healthy relationship requires each partner to negotiate differences and overlook certain habits and quirks. But you should never settle for a relationship that doesn’t honor the values and principles that are most important to you. In this video, I share how to tell if you’re compromising or settling in a relationship.

Are You Compromising or Settling in Your Relationship?

What’s compromising? 

1. When you have differences and can negotiate them

2. You are willing to forgo something you want in order to preserve the relationship

3. When you can forgive or ignore some of your partner’s annoying habits or behaviors

What’s settling?

1. When the red flags are there and you ignore or excuse them 

2. If you stay in a relationship simply because you’re afraid of being alone

3. If you’re walking on eggshells and don’t feel safe in the relationship

4. If you shrink yourself to make your partner feel better about themselves and preserve the relationship

5. When your wants, needs and desires in your relationship are consistently not being met, because your partner is incapable of meeting them

Settling is being with someone who you don’t really want to be with, but you stay because of a sense of obligation or fear. Compromise is understanding that no one is perfect and accepting the flaws or shortcomings of your significant other.

What to Do if You’re Settling

  • Talk it out to see if the relationship can be saved
  • Think about the possibilities that would open up by leaving the relationship 
  • Know that you deserve more

If you are settling, you both will suffer. Develop the courage to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t serve you.

Every relationship requires compromising and adapting. Give up your favorite movie to watch one of his, but don’t give up your core values. Compromise on vacation plans, but don’t give up on the things that are most important to you.

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