Are You Doomed to Repeat Relationship Mistakes of Your Past?

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Have you wondered if you’re doomed to repeat the relationship mistakes of your past? You’re not alone. Listen to today’s video to learn how to choose healthier relationships.

We want to give you some new ways to think about your past relationship mistakes and their impact on the relationships you have today and in your future. My colleague, Theresa Byrne, and I love to teach about boundaries, and today’s topic is an example of applying both internal and external boundary setting skills.

Common Relationship Mistakes

One of the biggest issues in relationships is attracting a partner who doesn’t carry his weight. One of my clients who was a people pleaser told me, “It’s in my DNA to be a people pleaser. I was born this way.”

We’re here to tell you…NO, it’s not. People pleasing is usually something that starts in our family of origin. For example, this client was rewarded as a child for pleasing her parents, and she didn’t get attention for just being herself. In another case, a client had a sick parent, and she was told to be a good girl and not upset her mother, which led to people pleasing as an adult, and unfortunately attracting a narcissistic husband.

People pleasing can help you survive as a child, but it doesn’t have to be who you are as an adult. You can change your patterns and attract healthier relationships. 

There are all kinds of known and unknown patterns created from our culture or childhood, but we can unlearn them.


What helps us shift from repeating the past?  

Practice the ABC’s of Choosing Conscious Healthy Relationships

A = Awareness

B = Blame

C = Conscious Choices

Watch the video to learn more about the ABC’s of Choosing Conscious Healthy Relationships and not repeating mistakes from your past. (NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this video is audio only.)

Download your free cheat sheet on The ABC’s of Choosing Conscious (Healthy) Relationships

to keep you out of doomed relationships forever!


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