Are You Dressing For Dating Success?

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Are you dressing for dating success? Your outfits might be getting in the way of true love. I should know. I used to dress in clothes that didn’t flatter. My divorce was an awakening for me in many ways. I had spent most of my life living ‘average’. As an artist, I thought I was average, my intelligence, my looks; all average. My self-esteem was neither in the toilet, nor was it in a great place. I was okay. But I wasn’t living to my full potential in any area of my life. And my clothing reflected my self-esteem.

What if I were to really apply myself to my life? What would it look like if I tried my best? Would I be found out as the fraud I really was? Or would I find out that I was even more capable than I ever imagined?

My coaching training helped me to set clear goals for myself and to step up into a bigger place in all of the areas of my life that were lacking. And my life as a dating coach is now dynamic, exciting, and better than I ever imagined.

One of the areas that needed attention was my physical appearance. My daughter, who was then 16 years-old and a budding fashion designer, took a look at my closet and said, “Mom, we need to go shopping. You are wearing all the wrong clothes!”

I didn’t realize that I was wearing outfits that did not flatter my body. My clothes were too big, the colors were wrong, the patterns were too much.

I LOVED the new clothes my daughter helped me pick out. I found clothes that not only flattered, but were expressive of my creativity and artistic flair, without being clownish like my old clothes.

My confidence soared as I learned to hold my head up high and dress with confidence. I now bring that confidence everywhere I go.

Self-esteem is a combination of many elements, some of it beginning on the inside, and some beginning on the outside.

Dress for First Date Success

So, if you haven’t updated your wardrobe in a while, take a trip to the mall this week, and find clothes that bring your sexy back.

Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, and those new flattering clothes will help you walk into your next first date with your head held high and a little swagger in your step! That gorgeous red dress might just help you have your last first date!

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