Are You Too Picky…Or Not Picky Enough?

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too picky

Have people said you’re too picky in dating? You might be. Or you might not be picky enough! Check out this video to see which one you are.

Are you too picky…are not picky enough? In this video, you’ll discover signs that you’ve either been dismissing potential partners or tolerating the wrong ones.

Are You Too Picky…Or Not Picky Enough?

Highlights of the video

Signs you’re too picky:

  • You expect butterflies on the first date.
  • Your must-have list is unrealistic.
  • You have romance novel expectations.

Signs you’re not picky enough:

  • You go on too many dates with people who are wrong for you.
  • You settle for people whose life goals are different from yours.
  • You go on too many dates without attraction or compatibility.

The solution

  • Get clear on your must-haves and deal breakers. Then, be honest with yourself about sticking to that list. 
  • Let go of anything that’s nice-to-have, but not a must-have.
  • Most important – know how you want to FEEL with the right partner. Your body doesn’t lie.

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