How to Attract a Man Capable of a Thriving Relationship

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What is a thriving relationship? And how can you attract a partner who is capable of the healthy loving relationship you want? Find out here!

My radio guest, Kim Von Berg, is passionate about helping singles and couples have a healthy thriving relationship. She is the founder of Thriving Loving Relationships, and has been in practice since 1997. Kim is a communication specialist, a certified coach approved by the International Coach Federation, an NLP Practitioner and a “Calling in The One” certified coach. She also holds a masters degree in Humanistic Psychology. 

She believes that we have been given the gift of intimate relationships to learn how to love in our deepest capacity so that we can share this love in all areas of our lives. You can find highlights below for episode #252: How to Attract a Mate Capable of a Thriving Relationship.

How to Attract a Man Capable of a Thriving Relationship


You are really passionate about helping singles and couples attract and create healthy thriving partnerships. What drove you to do this important work?

I began this work with my late spouse who passed away in 2008. It was a labor of love. Our relationship didn’t work initially, and we learned how to make it work. It’s all about realizing that romantic partnership is our greatest opportunity to increase our capacity to love and be loved. It opens up a space to [spread more love] to the world. 

After he passed, it’s been a whole new journey. I began dating again at 50. I realized I didn’t know how to date well. I then stumbled on the Calling in the One book. I decided it was so good, I did a mentorship with the author and founder, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and became a certified Calling in the One coach. I now stand for helping people attract and create a thriving relationship.

What’s your definition of a thriving relationship?  

The foundation for a thriving relationship is two whole healthy people coming together with strong self-love and self-esteem.

Each has to make a commitment to themselves and to the relationship. We need to keep both spaces healthy.

In the ‘WE’ space as a couple:

  1. Focus on having a commitment to see the positive in the other person, and express genuine appreciation on a regular basis.
  2. Practice deep listening by removing opinions and suggestions and judgments.
  3. Have an intimate connection through touch, emotion, vulnerability.
  4. Develop a shared meaning and purpose for the relationship.

In the ‘I’ space for each individual:

  1. Individually, both are committed to growth. Whatever it means to you.
  2. Both are committed to expressing truth; needs, feelings, and thoughts, in a way that’s loving.
  3. Both are committed to their greatest self; intellectually, physically, and spiritually.
  4. Each partner is committed to seeing each other’s greatest and highest self, live from that space, and be willing to see that in our partner, especially when times are tough. 

Can you share an exercise around deep listening?

Deep listening is for when someone shares something important with you, like “I’m still challenged by my mother”.  Stop the back and forth dialogue, and be 100% present. 

Do an internal check for your opinions and judgments. Ask that ‘committee’ in your brain to be quiet. Listen to what’s being said. Be a pure mirror to them. Don’t parrot. Give back the nutshell version of what they’re saying. You can challenge yourself to share why they may have shared that. That can open a space to go even deeper. When people feel safe, they get vulnerable. You’re providing a safety net. 

How early can someone set the tone for an evolved healthy thriving relationship, and what are the steps they can take to create the type of relationship they want?

Become the one to attract the one. Evolve your vision so you know what to say yes or no to in a relationship. Don’t repeat your patterns. From the very beginning, when you know what you want, you can set the tone for an evolved healthy thriving relationship.

Practice deep listening when appropriate, and speak your truth around setting parameters with what you’re comfortable with [and uncomfortable with]. If things happen that you don’t like, speak up and set boundaries in a healthy way.

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