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How to Mend a Broken Heart

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broken heart

How do you heal a broken heart? My guest, Elena Mosaner, used hypnotherapy to help people regain confidence and heal. Listen in!

Elena Mosaner is a hypnotherapist and certified professional coach and the founder of the self-hypnosis app, AlphaMind. In this episode of Last First Date Radio, Elena spoke about:

  • How to heal a broken heart
  • Why it’s important to step more fully into your feminine power
  • The qualities of a woman that make her magnetic to the right man
  • The difference between self-hypnosis and hypnosis on the stage

5 Signs You’re Unconsciously Sabotaging Relationships

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sabotaging relationships

Do you unconsciously sabotage relationships? Learn these 5 signs and the keys to finally find the love you want.

Are you unconsciously sabotaging relationships, wondering why your relationships don’t seem to work out? Everything seemed great until you began to fight…you didn’t feel heard, and he didn’t feel respected.

It’s easy to blame men for what’s gone wrong in your relationships. But, that doesn’t help you have the love you want. Many of us unconsciously sabotage our relationships. That’s because of our earliest experiences with our caretakers/parents. That’s where we learn how to view relationships. Our core beliefs are forged in childhood. But, it’s never too late to heal from our childhood wounds and feel worthy of the love we want. Recognizing these 5 signs can help save your future relationships.


Setting Boundaries During Challenging Times

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setting boundaries

Setting boundaries keeps us safe and sane. In this video, discover my 5-Step process for setting crystal clear boundaries.

Setting boundaries…always important, but especially during the challenging times we’re experiencing right now with the pandemic. In this video presentation I did for Ellevate Women’s Network, I cover some of the boundary challenges you might be dealing with, and how creating boundaries can help you stay safe and sane, no matter what’s going on in your world.


How to Stay Safe When Online Dating

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safe when online dating

We want you to stay safe when online dating. My podcast guest, Jenny Thompson, has created an easy way to do a background check. Listen!

It’s so important to stay safe when online dating. Jenny Thompson is the founder and CEO of SafetyPIN Technologies, the Internet’s first portable trust badge. With so many of us using apps to hire babysitters, rent private homes, and, of course, go on dates, SafetyPIN offers a better way to develop trust online.

In this episode:

  • Why do background checks on your dates
  • When to do a background check
  • Why dating sites should NOT do background checks
  • How to stay safe when online dating!

How to Date Like a Shark

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date like a shark

Improve your love life by learning how to ‘date like a shark’. In this video, I show you how to be the ‘pitcher’ and the ‘investor’ in dating.

I’m obsessed with Shark Tank, the show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors (Sharks), and if they are successful, they get a deal. It occurred to me that if we learn to date like a shark, we can improve our love lives. In this video, you’ll learn how to be the ‘pitcher’ and the ‘investor’ as you search for your last first date!


How Feminine Presence Will Improve Your Life

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feminine presence

Adele Wang helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence so they can attract the love they want.

My podcast guest, Adele Wang, helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence. This helps them attract more of what they want, in life, work, and love. Many modern women, in the rush for equality, have inadvertently cut themselves off from the most beautiful part of themselves–their feminine essence. They often feel stressed, invisible, and unable to attract the relationships they want.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– How Adele helps women increase their feminine presence

– How to acquire the “it” factor that makes women so attractive

– How to increase your magnetism, be more joyful and attract better relationships


Is He Ready for a Relationship?

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ready for a relationship

If you’ve ever wondered if a man was ready for a relationship, but you weren’t sure what to say, this video is for you.

How do you know if a man is really ready for a relationship? In this video, you’ll hear a story about someone who wanted to take the relationship further but was afraid to ask. It can be so empowering to speak up and ask for what you want. Here’s what happened…


How to Date With an Avoidant Attachment Style

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avoidant attachment style

Do you have an avoidant attachment style? Highly independent and feel suffocated by too much closeness? Watch this video!

If you have an avoidant attachment style or have ever dated someone who is emotionally unavailable, this video is for you. First, if you aren’t familiar with the term, let’s define ‘attachment style’. There are four attachment styles, which are the ways we ‘attach’ to our romantic partners. These forms of attachment began in early childhood. Most of us have one of the following three: Secure, anxious or avoidant.


Rewriting Your Life After Crisis

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rewriting your life

Ashley Wellman suddenly became a widow and lost her job at age 34. She discovered that rewriting your life helps you move forward into your next chapter.

Ashley Wellman lost her husband in her early thirties. She found that rewriting your life is a highly effective way to heal and move forward in life. She is a criminologist specializing in trauma/victimization with 30+ publications. She serves as a media expert/television commentator and is an advocate for survivors. After her own tragedy, she added author to the list, launching her business with the creation of her first children’s book, The Girl who Dances with Skeletons: My Friend Fresno.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

* The shocking trauma Ashley experienced

* How to heal from trauma and focus on rewriting your life

* How to rewrite your story during difficult times

* Ashley’s inspirational story of turning trauma into an opportunity to reinvent her life

* Why it’s important to follow your dreams       


5 Secrets to Empowered Relationships

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empowered relationships

Diana Dorell has an acronym for the 5 secrets to empowered relationships. Check out the show notes and listen to the podcast here!

Diana Dorell is women’s empowerment leader, healer and modern day medicine woman who helps women own and step into their power to create lives of grace, love and magic. She is the bestselling co-author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again on Amazon. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The biggest block singles face
  • The 5 secrets to empowered relationships
  • What people can do to prepare for their match
  • The most common reason people struggle with finding love
  • What role intuition plays in dating and love